Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Karen's Weekend in Seattle - Best Friend Time!

I am so blessed. With the world's best husband who is also an amazing Daddy, 3 sweet, handsome, healthy boys and friends who can warm my heart with just a thought or phone call.
So this weekend I went ALONE up to see my best friend ERIKA. Ahh, I love that girl. She is fun, energizing, thoughtful and honest.
I began my morning by getting dressed (nicely and with some attention to detail- obviously not narmal) and ready for the day. Gabriel walked into my bathroom to brush his teeth and asked, "Are we going to church now?"
"No, why Gabe?"
"Well Mom, you are wearing church clothes."
I just chuckled. I guess make-up and hair NOT in a ponytail with a blouse, sweater and jeans are enough to cause a stir in this house. Knuckle-head!
I rode Amtrak up to Seattle. It was great. I READ a novel- not a normal mom thing for me. I was alone and it was decently quiet. Again, weird. I was only responsible for me- refreshing!
So the first night E and I went to Delancey's for pizza. I saw it won BEST PIZZA in my Rachael Ray, was in Seattle and so Erika was game. The wait took forever, but lucky for us the bar Tarasco was open across the street. It was kind-of a dive, but in we went smiling. It had karaoke and pool and booze. Fun ~ could be? With your best friend ~ Absolutely!!! So in we went, Rum and Coke for me, Vodka Cran for E. Pool time!!! For $0.50 Erika and I played a hilarious game of pool. I won by a hair - one ball. Phew... We were both pretty horrible, but laughed like crazy.
After that we sat at the bar and I suggested karaoke. What did we have to loose? Nothing and we "needed" to make a mark on our time together in Seattle. So we sang - it was horrible and hilarious and FUN! After that we ran out laughing and headed back across the street for some DELICIOUS pizza. We chose the classic pepperoni and it was worth the wait!
After that, we headed back and went to bed around 11:30. Guess what? The next day, I SLEPT IN. I didn't even know if that was possible, but YEP. 9:30 baby! Ahhh.... felt like a piece of heaven.
The next morning we gabbed over fruit and tea. Yum-o! Two hours later we got ready for the day and headed to the Boat St. Cafe for lunch.
We had a lovely 1:00 brunch! Still chatting constantly with giggles throughout!

After that we decided that we should walk a bit before our massages.

This place is amazing. It is right downtown by the Seattle Art Museum.

You could see the ferries in the Sound behind you.

And downtown in front of you, with sculptures all around.

Then we headed to Spa Ananya. We both were pampered for 1 hour. OK, best massage ever. She was amazing. The eighty dollars were the best money I have spent in a long time. Thanks Corey!! Plus I could just relax knowing the kids were doing great with Corey. We went to dinner at a Thai restuarant after that, then home and watched THE SOUND OF MUSIC. We both knew every song!

It was such a great time. It was fun to go and good to come home. I had FUN, was RELAXED, and felt REFRESHED. Thank you Erika for hosting me. It was a perfect weekend.

Treehouse Jump, Guess they trust their Daddy!

Our treehouse was one day away from being finished. Corey wanted me to come and watch something, and OH, get the camera. *to preface this ~ Corey is always explaining to the boys that they need to trust him. He will take care of his boys because he loves them, etc. and the boys have done plenty of jumping to Daddy but still....*
Here is Gabe in the red shirt standing on top of the treehouse, getting ready to jump to his beloved Daddy!
Corey tells him to jump and... Gabe jumps faithfully to his Daddy. No Fear, only Trust!
And sure enough there Gabe lands, safely in his father's arms. Amen, and WHEW!
I am still trying to learn about faith and trust with my heavenly Father. No wonder God tells us to have faith like a child!

This little pup is FOUR today! Gabe's 4th B-day #2

This was the Basham side family party for Gabe. Yesterday we had close to 40 people and it was crazy. Too crazy, and it was nice that this one was smaller.
Party time ~ Bring out the puppy chow!

Gabe and his cousins all have a close bond!

Gabriel openning his new LITTLE CRITTER books. We all LOVE these books!
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa B!!!!

Gabriel received a personalize calendar from Auntie Hannah, Toby and Lainey.

Math to the moon DVD, Pre-school workbook and a Space Outfit (from Gymboree of course!)
from Corey and I + Gavin and Grant

Mommy and Gabe with our Puppy Ears on!

Kids at this party were Tobias and Alaina Fischer

And the little lovie LANCE.

Another quick game of pin the tail on the PUPPY!

Grant's turn!

Gabe's turn

Lance's turn

I then suggested cake time and GAVIN SPRINTED TO THIS CHAIR AND BUCKLED HIMSELF IN! I think that he wants some cake! :)

Grant joins Gavie waiting...

Make a wish! BLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good job little pup!

And here is the gift from Uncle Andy and Sarah! A soccer goal and ball. So much fun!! We love it and Corey and I have been dying to get them into SOCCER, without pushing too hard. Love it!

Oh and Gavin and Grant love it too!

Gabe's 4th Birthday Saturday March 27, 2010

For his birthday he picked out the theme - Puppy Dog. Great ~ easy enough I figured since the other option was a Dolphin Trainer party. :)

So I started off the planning with an idea for a cake ~ that I could make and some cute dog decorations. Gabe loved the plates and napkins (Do I smell cake with a cute dog on them.)

So Gabe's best friend and his family showed up early to help. They love the cute puppy dog ears.

Parents were doing puppy dog animals around, streamers and balloons. The boys ~ just playin'

Here is the excited birthday boy in his puppy dog shirt. Oh and don't worry, the twins are wearing puppy dogs too. And yes, they are matching tops!!

Ashley made the ears for Gabe's party and Papa John always gets roped into helping!

Here are Corey and Sandy hard at work. I was doing the food!

Here is my masterpiece. Oh yeah. I made the cake. 2 rounds, 2 cupcakes for paws, Licorice ears and mouth, Junior mints and brown M&Ms, Fruit by the foot tongue and collar, Necco and M&M eyes and I JUST ROCKED A CUTE CAKE FOR GABRIEL!! He was mesmorized!!!

Here is the table with dog bone crackers and the "puppy chow" coming.

The party has started. Bring on the food!

It was great having the kid table in the kitchen.

Corey and I getting a chance to enjoy the company!


GRANT on the floor, not needing anything else but his food.

Gavin on the floor by the kid table, not wanting to miss out on any action!


Present time!! People always amaze me with their generosity and love for my kids! Thank you everyone for making Gabe's day EXTRA special!

A pet hamster that moves and runs around the house (fake!)

Hugs and kisses, with a BIG thank you Aunt Min-Min!

More presents.... :)

Gabe is totally into "Handy Manny" and was thrilled to get some many new, cool H.M. stuff!

Bubble blower from Miss Laurel and Patrick and little Rowan Renee!

Our friends Miss Jenae and Ellie.

Thank you so much Ma'z. I LOVE IT!!!!

A few gifts more and lots more hugs!

Robin and Jeanna

Gabe did a great job, since he HATES all of the attention on him and can get shy and weird, but the comes off as rude and ungrateful. So we had BIG talks and a practice round to make sure the he was normal and gracious. The funny little things that you have to TRAIN your children in. Who know that openning gifts could be so hard and come off rude..... Who knew????

Last gift, a scooter from Jack and Jeanna ~ thank you Johnsons!

Hugs and thank yous.....

A fun quick game of Pin the tail on the PUPPY!

Time for cake!!!

Uncle Cody and Aunt Shannon made it too!

A round of singing and digging in!

Yum! As good as it was cute!

I think all of the kids wanted more!!! Success!

It was wonderful to be outside in the sun, with nice weather, no crumbs to clean-up or mashed into my carpet and the beauty of nature all around! A perfect day for a perfect party.

Gabe ~ I love you and hope that you thoroughly enjoyed your "Puppy Party". I love you so much. Have a great year being FOUR!