Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Besties and Big Days

So, I got to go to Seattle and catch up with a dear friend.  We had kinda "drifted...."

We are in different life stages, and I am not as "available" as I once was.

I am not sure whether we can financially swing her destination wedding.  It saddens me as I NEVER, EVER dreamed that I wouldn't be a part of her BIG day.  She is one of my 2 best friends in the world.   Boo...  So I decided I am going up to Seattle.  I would not include my hubby and kids in the trip, and her man would be busy too.  It was just me and E for 24 hours.  It was amazing.  I felt so much more closer and in the loop. 

We went and finalized her dress, and final fitting.  Isn't it perfect for a sunset wedding on the BEACH?!?!?!

We went over all the details.  Photographer, dress, hair ideas, reception, location, jewelery, shoes, and resort wear.

We laughed til we cried, made fresh hilarious memories, ate delish treats (Hello Molly Moon Ice Cream) and caught up.  It was so fun to feel so bonded, our friendship so sweet and treasured, and for us to have so much UNINTERUPTED time.  (Sorry, but my family just is at that stage where they NEED mom- A LOT.)

 So we tried the dress,
 Tried out some hair ideas,
Looked at shoes, bought jewelery, and got her TWO new swimsuits and cover-ups.

It was amazing.  I love those friendships that go through ups and downs but you know are the ones that matter- LIKE forever.  You will be besties until heaven calls!  I am so excited for my sweet friend.  I can't wait for her bachelorette party next month- and another weekend with my sweet posse of besties!  ahhh...

So hug your besties or call them today.  Best friends are far and few between- and totally worth the work to keep improving the relationship.

Cheers to all my sweet friends out there in BLOG LAND!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Daddy things

Daddy duties...

There are many things that I am good at.   Teaching, parenting, socializing with JUST ABOUT anyone, being a good friend, making the man a happy hubby- I can do that pretty well.  But truly there are just somethings that DADDIES do best.

1.  Being "game" to go mini- golfing.

I like mini-golfing but Corey just is GREAT with sports stuff and our boys.
He has the perfect combo of teaching some skills, having fun, not getting TOO competitive.
**Here we are at STEAKBURGER and playing some mini golf after church.

 Jack, Jakoby and "Uncle" Jack joined us for a round of 18.  Super fun. 
 The youngest two working their MAD golf skills on the course.
 Here is Gabe after a perfect putt.

Daddy Duties #2

Daddies are better at explaining BIG , LOUD things.

For example, Corey took all 3 munchkins by himself to the Air National Guard (meeting his cousin) for family day.  It was cool to hear the stories and see the EXCITEMENT dancing in their eyes.  They LOVED it.  But I am glad that Corey fielded all the questions.

*  How does the plane fly?  How fast?  Who can fly it?  Why is there fire coming out the back?   What do they carry in that plane.

Gues what- I don't know, BUT Corey does know all those electrical/motor things making this a perfect daddy duty!

Met Dustin
 Daddy and his little buddies
 By the tank with Daddy
 By the Gun, and loving every minute!
 Checking out the airplanes and learning about air traffic control.
 Seeing the FIRE out of the back!
 Watching COOL planes

Daddy Duty number three.

Corey is great at helping them toughen up. 
I can be MUCH too nurturing sometimes.

Corey is still loving but knows better when to tell them to GET TOUGH!!

#1- Gabe's first tooth was hanging on by a thread.  Corey said, "Gabe, just yank it.  It won't hardly hurt.  You can DO IT!"  So he yanks it and is SO PROUD of himself.  First tooth out in May 2012.
 Example #2-  The one right next to it was also loose.  Gabe wants Corey to tie a string and slam the door, pulling it out.  I couldn't do it.  I get slightly squeamish!  That didn't work.  Too slick, so Gabe suggests pliers, and Corey says OK!!!!!!!!, and out comes Gabe's second tooth.  I couldn't do it.

 NOPE, that is a Daddy duty in this home.

Thanks Corey for all your help.  You are a huge help, and the biggest blessing in the boys' life.  They will know how to be a godly man, great hubby, and the BEST dad through the example you LIVE.


Oh my goodness, do they ever like, LOVE to wrestle, and well, it isn't my thing.  That is the daily Daddy duty that I am OUT on!  No thanks- too wild, and well- actually it is a nice break.  I can do some chores or something without 3 sweet monkeys tagging along.  Yes, I love that they love their daddy.  Plus getting worms on hooks/setting up the tent, etc. are just Dad jobs!

So what about you? 
What are the Daddy Duties your man does?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Zoo pass FINALE!

So after two years of having a Zoo Pass to the Oregon Zoo, we are done.  We recieved it as a gift for the twins' birthday from my parents the last TWO years.  We love it there, enjoy the animals, have our "route", and know the best times to avoid crowds.  We adore the train, the bird show and the 4 mile loop we walk.  Ahhh....

 We was our grand finale, like in March, but I HAD to include in our memories.  The zoo holds a special place in our hearts.
  • Go on a cold day. 
  • Morning- opening time is best. 
  • Bring lunch and snacks in backpack.  It gets lighter as the day goes on, and you have a place for coats/jackets as it warms up.
  • Animals are MORNING PEOPLE. 
  • Our route:  Go to the Cascade Area first, end up at the farm do that next, check the wolves and elk, then sneak through the polar bears/penguins to THE AMAZON.  Head down to Africa.  By now they are hungry and worn out.  Buy train tickets and EAT ON THE TRAIN.  It is 20 minutes, they eat and stay seated.  You then dump all the garbage.  Check out the Sea Life and Leave by one.  It is a perfect 4 hour/ half day attraction.  THAT IS HOW THIS MAMA ROLLS.  SO FUN!
 Can you see the cougar in her den, gazing hungrily at my babes?
 The bobcats, cougars and bears are only out first thing in the chilly mornings.
 Growing up my little bear cubs!
 Happy St. Patrick's Day Orangutans!
 Feeling the beat in Aftrica!
 Feeding the lorikeets.  Corey is so much fun.  He had the bird land on Gabe's head!
Gabe "the bird whisper-er JR." loves feeding and holding the birds.  We made it through 2 years of this without being pooped on.  A noteable feat!  :)

All in all we loved our time here!  A great zoo in Portland, OR (Beaverton) if you get a chance to visit!   It is a GREAT ZOO!