Monday, September 12, 2011

FREEZING TIME.... just for a moment

Ahh... my sweet babes.

You are growing up so quickly.
It's not that I want you to stay little, it's just that all this growing means that I will see less of you sweet boys daily. You're little grins brighten up my day, and melt my heart.

Know that I am so proud of you boys though.

You 3 make me and your daddy so proud.

Your gentleness, kind hearts, politeness, good manners are superb. You 3 are our PRIDE AND JOY!

So, keep growing strong, healthy and in the LORD.

Continue making GREAT choices; be bold and explore. Know that you are loved deeply and we will always be your biggest fans. Know that we are so proud of you boys.

And know that God is with you, loves you, and desires to capture your heart.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Days...

3 year old pre-school

Just a Baby right?

First Day of 4 year old preschool - Little Lamb pre-school

First Day of Elementary School... Grass Valley Elementary

Sept 6, 2011 Kindergartener

OK Bubba ~ you can stop growing now!!!!!!!!!!

Back to School Jitters....

So, Gabe is starting Kindergarten. I am thrilled for him. He is so ready. He is smart, loves to learn and is such a kind-hearted kid that makes friends. I KNOW that he will have a great, successful year. He is just that kind of kid that chooses to behave, work hard and finds success easily. Gosh he is GREAT! Still this little 5 year old and I have been slightly nervous, along with our excitement....

So I think that the best way to combat these situations is with books written by incredible authors who work through issues with such talent (and humor) that is calms the jitters.

Gabe and I were combatting the BACK TO SCHOOL jitters.

Here are so great books that we enjoyed. Our favorites were:

1. Seymour Slug Starts School

2. Eddie gets Ready for School

3. Boomer Goes to School

4. Little Bear Starts Kindergarten

5. First Day

6. Dino Pets Go to School

7. Amelia Bedelia First Day of School

8. Back to School Tortoise

We loaned these from the local library, but also read our own collection of the Kissing Hand & the Berenstain Bears Back to School.

How do you handle your child's jitters? I love new tips.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Camping in Bend - Aug. 2011

I love camping. Seriously, I love being together- the 5 of us, sleeping in a tent, being outside, campfires, and wondering each day... Hmmm- what should we do. No plans- just eating and visiting all day.

Bend Oregon is always gorgeous and sunny, and then high desert FREEZING at night. The pool is amazing, suntans golden and fun off the charts! The boys played hard all day and slept like logs every night. LOVED IT!

This annual trip is the highlight of summer. Here are the best highlights:

1. The boys were able to play mini golf. We played daily, and the frogs were all over in the morning, so we consistently brought a few back to camp.
2. Time with Daddy. He built them wood knives and bow and arrows. He is a great dad.

3. S'mores - Really does it get much better than a s'more to end the night?

4. Tenting right next to Grandma (who has a trailer and hot cocoa ready every morning?!)

5. Afternoon naps in the mesh tent. Ahh... it was the best!

6. The pools are immaculate (and they have a kiddie pool that is warmer and no rowdy BIG kids in it). We spent hours here daily!

7. Lounging in the sun by the pool- workin' the tan! Oh yeah baby!!!!!! ;)

8. Making a new buddy. HI TUCKER!

9. Finding a new favorite playmate 2 sites over.

10. Watching how identical my twins are - even sleeping they do things the same. So freaking weird. Look at their arms BOTH OF THEIR ARMS- identical. SERIOUSLY, .....

11. Doing the pirate family treasure hunt. So stinkin' fun! We came in the middle and it was a blast. I think my kids are slightly competitive like me. I can get a little narrotic.... :)

12. Love that although I only see them once a year camping- how great the Houston Family is. I married into such a great family. I love them and all their friends.

Well, it was the best week. Relaxed, slow, peaceful, fun and good food EVERYWHERE. We all came back rested, tan and ready to camp one more time this summer. Ahhh.... summer time and the living was EASY!