Saturday, October 20, 2012

COWART Reunion

So we headed down to McMinnville , Oregon
 for a reunion on Corey's side.    It was so nice to see them all but again with divorce, it is never smooth or easy for Corey.
 But, knowing it was important to his Grandparents; we went. 
 We ate lots of food,
 had plenty of dessert,
 and enjoyed every last delicious bite.
 Corey was able to visit with his cousins and see their kids again.
 And see his grandparents, and talk more with them concerning his DAD.
 That situation- barring a miracle- is completely sad and surreal.
 But the little boys loved the food, park, kids, and grandparents.
 Still a gorgeous fall/summer day.
And time with grandparents you don't get back, and we are thrilled that our boys are able to see their GREAT grandparents-  their last complete set.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

School- OH BOY!!!

Well, I am in DENIAL.
I have a first grader.  He is sweet and cute and smart.  I HATE that he is gone ALL day.
I mean the bus gets him at 8:07 and he doesn't get home until 3:57.  Yeah- that is 8-4 folks of him GONE.  And that is why I am sad.  I love my monkeys home with me.
But just look.  He is so ready.
 Here is Gabe on his first day of FIRST GRADE.
 Corey went to work late and we all saw him off.
 Gabe and Corey.
 Gabe's monkey pals...
 Me and my BIG man... who still seems like my baby... like yesterday folks...
 Here I am trying to be brave- but OH MAN - I miss him.
 And then COREY took him to school.
 Here he is after schoool with me anxiously awaiting for his arrival!!!
 But guess what they were ready...  it was must me NOT READY to have them grow up.
 And if that wasn't enough the next day my BABIES started 4 yr. old preschool
 They went to Little Lamb and BOY were they ready too.  They are so smart and kind, sweet and creative.  Their teachers love them and they are always the EXAMPLE of good behavior.
The verdict...  They all love school.  Praise God!! And now I am ready to have my life start changing as my daily schedule opens up more and more.