Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another Christmas celebration with our best friends: the Johnson Family!!!
Here are the munchkins lined up by age. Jack, Gabe, Jakoby, Grant/Gavin.
This was on Wednesday evening. Notice the PJs on mine. Grant is sick with strep and Gabe will be by morning **Christmas Eve morning, Gavin Christmas morning** so we were trying to take good care of the 3 mini munchkins, keep them/get them healthy. Praise God that Jack and Jakoby never got it!!!

Jakoby liked his Lightning McQueen Art Set!

Gabe watches Jakoby opening his gift!

Jack hasn't quite figured out what his gift is....

Grant the sicky is opening his new shirt from Aunt Jeanna and Uncle Jack!

Jack knew what this one was!!!

Here is Gavin opening his shirt. They love them and could hardly wait to put them on!

Jakoby liked his stuffed animal Webkins.

Grant is trying on his new shirt!

Here is Gavin in his. They love the football thermals!! Aren't they cute!!??

And here are the boys playing with everyone else's new toys!! Boys are the BEST!!!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Extended Family Christmas - Martell Home

This was the Sunday before Christmas. We were at Aunt Karen Martell's home in North Bonneville for the festivities with all of Sandy's sisters. We had a wonderful time. Great food, great company, laughs and GAMES GALORE!!

Here is the family ~ Grant, Karen, Gabriel, Corey and Gavin

Aunt Karen spoiled the boys: Here is Grant with his new drawing book and toy! ***Lightning McQueen!!!!***

Here is Gabe opening his toolkit/puzzle set from Aunt Karen!

Here is Gavin opening his drawing toy/book! ***Toy Story***

Gavin took some time opening his gifts. This was the first of the gifts since last January that he had opened. He quickly grew to loving opening presents.

Aunt Karen was quite the TAPER. Gabe even needed a little assistance! :)

Every year we do a gift exchange and this year the theme was GAMES! Let the stealing begin...
Shawna, Robert, John David

Mindy and Nate have their eye on something. Looks pretty intense! ;)

Is it boredom or concentration? I don't know!! I loved it all!

Here are Corey and I, happy to be together, in love and enjoying time with those we love!

Gabe took the next 3 of his favorite people. Papa John....


Auntie Ashley.....

All in all it was a fun time, and a great way to spend our Sunday. But the best part was spending it with my 4 boys. I love those handsome Cowart boys.


Christmas with the O'Neils - Aunt Min Min & Uncle Kev

Even though we got to see Uncle Kev and Aunt Min Min on Sunday the 20th, we still had them over on Wednesday morning the 23rd to give them their presents. In case you don't know, WE LOVE UNCLE KEV and AUNT MINDY. The day before Grant was diagnosed with strep throat and had just completed his 24 hrs. on antibiotics.

They got the boys gifts too!

Gavin and Grant received a dog, dog crate and vet set. I know the song by heart and this poor puppy has had MANY repeated surgeries. Lots of temperature taking, shots and cutting open. YIKES!!!

Gabe was being NAUGHTY here. He doesn't like being the center of attention, so he said that he would open his present that night before bed. Corey and I told him HE WOULD BE OPENING IT NOW. He just stared at us, then was talked to by daddy, and then opened his present- which HE LOVED. Thanks for the bathtime basketball hoop!

I think the first surgery on the puppy was just beginning!

Here is Mr. Gavin who was realizing presents were FUN!!!

Look, I AM opening it-- finally!

Dr. Mindy is showing them how to use the new toys, it's for listening to the heartbeats!

Gavin was taking Uncle Kev's temperature. No Fever...

Gabe is adding more "sick" animals to the cage. Surgery victims, I mean, patients!

Thank you Uncle Kev and Aunt Mindy for spoiling us!