Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fallen Off the Planet! Yep, we did!

I have so many things to blog about: rants I am ready to make (facebook, texting parents who ignore their children, booger picking- oh yeah! ;) , funny kid sayings, pictures and adventures we took, bragging about my husband and 9 awesome years of marriage, show off my cute kiddos pics, tell stories with fellow moms who symathize, and be back on line!
I have decided that I was spending to many precious hours on the computer. I was off blogging and Facebook for 2 months and it was WONDERFUL. My house is cleaner, my day is freer and I am more creative and a better mommy.
So I am still off Facebook - AWESOME- and now off e-bay (another post) and craigslist. I am back to e-mail and catching up my blog.
My boys have grown so much this summer. Here are (in my opinion) the 3 handsomest boys in the universe!!!
Gavin 2 Gabriel 4 Grant 2

Quick story - YESTERDAY
I fill up the sand box with clean new sand. Gavin and Grant hustle out to play in it. They are playing well and I am watching out the window. Next thing I know Grant comes in and tells me we have a gopher hole and he needs to PEE on it. (Thanks to our Russian neighbors who SWEARS this is how to get rid of gophers.) Ahh, fine, sure... my hands are covered in raw chicken and he would have needed help out of his boots. He pees. Whatever. One minute later I see the gopher hole is a weird color. Closer look- that is our NEW SAND out of the sand box --GRRRR! And oh my, two boys are running towards the "sandy gopher hole" and then start PLAYING in the "sandy PEE drenched gopher hole". OH YEAH!! Quick hand wash, hollering and "What are you boys doing?"
Innocent faces "Just playing in sand Mommy" Tears are already in eyes. "What mommy?"
"That sand should be in your sand box and it is covered in PEE. Remember Grant!?!?"
"We like to potty outside and we like sand mommy. Sorry mommy, Sorry mommy."
So with that I just chuckle, strip them down and start a bath. Oh the JOYS OF BOYS!!

*** Do other people/moms have this stuff happen to them? Am I normal? I try to run a tight ship. Holy Smokies!! :)