Friday, January 25, 2013

Well... I have been a horrible blogger.  Life has been hectic, my hubby applied and landed a new job, I am subbing about twice a week, we have a puppy, holidays, and our sweet Gavin has had 2 seizures one in the fall, one in the winter... but more on that later. 
Here is a quick recap of my precious lovies....
Halloween, OH we love us some HALLOWEEN!
 We carved the pumpkins
 bought the shirts,
 ate the pumpkin seeds,
 recieved candy galore,
 dressed up like Peter Pan, Captain Hook and the Tick-Tock Croc!!
 They were so stinkin' cute!
 I LOVED having them coordinate their costumes.
 They adored their costumes and loved being who they wanted.  Oh we love Peter Pan.
 But Thanksgiving was right around the corner, and to stay in shape we did
 the run to FEED THE HUNGRY.
 It was on Thanksgiving morning,
 and a nice way to offset all the Turkey Day calories that we KNEW were coming.
 Corey was crying at the thought of running a 5 K.
 Here we are all ready to RUN!!
 We had a great walk run
 OH YEAH, we rocked the course, they are such snappy little runners!
 Gavin was first!  He is such a love and speedster, but we were all on his tail!!!
 Here is us after in our shirts- a good race, but slightly big on the boys!  :)
Christmas was coming our way and we get a jump start on our tree, decorations and gingerbread house.  We love all the traditions, etc.
 The gingerbread house is completed.  That is COREY's THING with the boys.
 The Sunday after Thanksgiving (so as not to interfere with my shopping)
 we go up to Farrell Farms and cut our tree.  The day was warm-ish and lovely.
 As in TOO stinkin' bright, in the boys' opinion.
 After that we had Gavin and Grant's Christmas program from Little Lamb.
 They were so cute!
 After that we did sugar cookies with our life group,
 and acted out the Christmas story
 Gabe was the angel GABRIEL - how fitting!!!  :)
 We LOVE our LIFE GROUP!!!  SEriously, they are the BEST!!!!
 Gabe Gavin and Grant also showed off a song for our Life Group - They are doing 5 Little Bells.
Jump to Christmas Eve.
 We celebrated with my brother's family!
 Up at my parents' how with my sis Hannah, bro Andy and sis Rachel.
 Here we are- The Cowart Clan in all our holiday goodness
 My sissy Hannah and her family
 and they the presents- golly it was ridiculous!!!
 Lainey MADE all 3 munchkins hats.  Gosh that Lainey is my sweetest girl!!!  LOVE HER!
 Here my little niece Hailey. -- We got her the phone.
 Here are my boys on Christmas morning!
 But we also did one more Christmas with Corey's side in the Dalles.  We love Mazy's House!
 Thecompany is SOOOOO fun, cousins galore, laughs, real conversations, yumm food,
 and it even snowed!!!  The boys had the best time of their lives. 
 Gavin and Grant to their excitement got plenty of AVENGER stuff.  Iron Man and Captain America FOLKS!!!
There were lots of presnets, hugs, kisses, giggles and snuggles.
It was a very Merry Christmas-- I hope yours was AWESOME!