Friday, May 25, 2012

Cherry Festival ~ The Dalles Oregon

The 7 Cowart Cousins (with one more born in July!)
 What a gang right!?!? - 7 kids ages 1-7
 We loved our weekend in the Dalles for the Cherry Festival as Papa John and Mazy are cherry orchard owners/farmers!  Yum... we love us some CHERRIES!!
 We attended a street fair (with animals!!!) and parade!
 BBQ'ed and ate Auntie Shannon's MAGICAL rainbow cake!
 Got some snuggles in from baby Leo!
 Rested and relaxed!
 Played and "dolled" ourselves up!
 Loved the candy from the parade!  The candy nabbers
 The parade got a little long, so Gabe and Grant chilled ON aunt Ashley
All in all it was a fabulous time and I got to enjoy one of my fave things in the WHOLE world.  KIDS!!  Gosh, I love the little munchkins.  The more, the merrier in my book.  I still am surprised that Corey and I only had 3 kids.  But if I am not home with my babes, then I look forward to going back to teaching!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Magical Moments

 These times with my sweet boys are MAGICAL times,
 Making this spring, a MAGICALspring
 Making this month of May, a MAGICAL month
 Making this week, a MAGICAL week
 Making this special day, a MAGICAL day
 Making this hour of time, a MAGICAL hour,
 Making this MOMENT, a MAGICAL moment

All because it was spent with you boys.  You sweet boys are the best and fill your parents lives with years of precious, sweet, MAGICAL moments that we try to freeze with a camera to treasure in our hearts forever.  Yes, we are blessed by you boys.  We pray for wisdom to teach you how to grow into godly men, but we also try to NEVER lose sight of the sweet, magical moments we have everyday.

May we put down the "noise" and busyness/technology" that steals our precious time with you precious boys!!  What a MAGICAL day it is to take little boys fishing!

**  The Cowart boys fishing with our besties- The Johnson!  **

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My niece Haley is here and we are all completely SMITTEN!

 Proud Auntie
 Proud Uncle
 In love cousin
Adoring cousin
Over the moon cousin.

Yup we love her, and are adoring all the PINK!!

Fishing = Heaven on Earth for little boys

Our boys got fishing poles for Christmas and we have been using them like crazy.

 Last weekend we went fishing down at the lake by our house with our little besties, Jack and Jakoby Johnson.  It was sunny and warm.  Not much was biting so they enjjoyed the snacks, wading and catching minnows and frogs in the nets.  We caught one giant frog and lots of minnows!  But no BIG fish so....,

 We went out on Lacamas Lake with my dad in the boat.  Here is Gabe's trout!  He caught it, noticed it was on and reeled it in all by himself!  What a big boy!

Way to go Little Fisherman!

Poor Gabe!
Gabe has allergies like crazy!
As soon as it is nice, (and fun to go outside and play) they hit him.  His eyes swell and itch, he sneezes and is miserable.  My poor little man.
But this year we got him a nose spray and KA-ZAM!!
He is healing up quickly.
We are now able to be outside.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Best Friends are a Gift - Treat them well

Best Friends-  I have a few, and they are the girls that I can always count on, lean on, laugh with, try to encourage, and share joys with.  Ahh....  nothing can make the world seem or right, or me seem more normal than after time with a bestie.  It can even be phone time, just me and a bestie, chatting and sharing life.

My friends are gems, and a gift and I cherish those SWEET friendships.

Now, these two little munchkins... JUST LOOK at them.  A twin bond... Oh yeah, it is deep.  So deep that although invisible is felt.  They were born with a best friend.

They do it naturally- chat about life, figure/work out problems, try to help the other one stay out of trouble, protect fiercely, goof around constantly, laugh, stick together, and love the other.
 What a bond!!
 Their bond is natural, precious and deep. 
I have learned to let them work it out- because they will and do, JUST DON'T GET IN THE MIDDLE,  because they will turn on me.