Monday, September 10, 2012

We have been busy this summer...

 Ahhh....  My  SWEET boys...
 Summer was amazing.  We had a SWINGING good time.
 We lived up the fun in pool, getting good and tan.
 We ate out and stalked the balloon guy at Old Spaghetti factory.
 Trekked down to Enchanted Forest in Salem.  It was like a fairy tale..  :)
 Corey taught our boys how to have more fun than just mom... like picking noses.
 We slid down secret passages ways, biked, and hiked our way through summer.
 We filled up our August because we weren't quite ready to say good bye to summer.
 So we visited the Oregon Coast often,
 Took our besties along too.
 We even had time to go with our life group to HUG POINT on the coast.
 That was a lot of kids for 3 families.  We are blessed by meeting with them.
 We kissed some monkeys,
 We toured submarines, and were reminded of all the men and women who sacrifice for our freedom and safety.
 We visited the moon, I mean bought a family year pass to OMSI (Oregon Musuem of Science and Industry) and watched IMAX films about tornadoes!
 We hung with cousins-- We have boys--  Nikki has the girls!
 I was a soccer mom for the first time, and Gabe did a soccer camp!
 And the highlight for our boys was the zipline Corey made from the treehouse to farthest tree.
So, as we go zipping into fall, school and routines.  We will be sad.  Not because we don't like FALL.  I adore fall, but summer is when I have all my kiddos  HERE, WITH ME, AND I LOVE IT.  Those boys are the best of me, and as a family WE ARE BEST WHEN WE ARE TOGETHER.