Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thanksgiving allows for a time to reflect on all the many blessings in our lives...
 and I am FILLED to the BRIM....
 Full with the love of my family...
 Full with love from my adoring husband...
 Blessed with a sweet boy that is PURE SUNSHINE, bright JOYful sunshine,
 Blessed with a big boy named Gabriel, my precious ANGEL baby,
 Blessed with a sensitive boy who wears his heart on his sleeve,
 Blessed with kids that love each other,
 Blessed that they love to PLAY with each other,
 Blessed that these rascals are so physically healthy,
 Blessed by a man who loves me at my awfullest and cheers me on with encouragement,
 Blessed that this man fills my days with SMILES,
 Blessed that this guy helps me SLOW down and cherish "moments",
 Blessed by this dude whose heart is focused on HEAVEN,
 Blessed by this man who shows me new and awesome parenting techniques and gives me a break when I am overwhelmed
 Blessed by sweet babies who always love and forgive me, even when I can be moody and awful,
 Blessed by the GORGEOUS place we live and the opportunities our family has,
 Blessed that God gave us kids to teach us to be LESS selfish and MORE patient,
 Blessed that each day is full of laughs, giggles, smiles, touch, and RICH LOVE,
and blessed to be here, in this time and moment.  Learning more all the time on how to be a better mom, a better wife, a more content person, a more calm easy going gal; all the while being soooo richly blessed by God.  Thankful, yes!   I am so thankful for the blessings in my life!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Fall on the Oregon Coast 2012

So my inlaws--  I L*O*V*E them.
 They spoil us and are taking all 4 kids and families (9 grandkiddos) to the beach!
 Here is our home-- beach front with views that don't quit, and some stairs to go with it!
 Here are Sarah and I with 7 of the 9 kids!
 We MADE it!  The Oregon Coast is a quick drive and Lincoln City is a fave!
 The views were amazing from any window or deck!
 Sunset at dinner time on the first night!
 The table seated 12 easily.  How fun to ALL be together.
 Corey and Casey are great dads and we spent so much time with the BIG kids on the beach.
 Here are the oldest/easiest of the 9 grand kids. 
 The 3 oldest Cowart boys-- The 3 oldest Cowart Girls
 Here are 2 brothers.
 Here is what they might look like older.
 Some of our favorite things :  meeting baby MacKenzie.
 Time with favorite cousins,
 7 pedicures from mazy for all of the Grand kids.  Yes, she painted all their toes!
 Relaxing and enjoying the view,
 Watching the whales and surfer,
 Seeing Sandy with all of the grandkids, her favorite thing!,
 The busy-ness of the ocean- boats, whales, seals, surfers and the endless waves,
 kids and sand,
 moats and sand castles,
 Corey and I sneaking time away together,
 forgoing bathes for the hottub instead,
 tattoos on boys!!!!!  ,
 Walks in the sand at sunset,
 but the best was all of us, ALL, together!  It was perfect!
And then we packed up and shook off the sand and headed home EXHAUSTED!!!

Manly FUN times!!!

Here is my MANLY hubby!!
 He took off to the coast for some fall fishing!
 At the beach, with some GORGEOUS fall weather.
 And they rocked it!!! 
 They filled coolers,
 and our freezer!  And I SWEAR it is the best fish I have EVER tasted!  And I grew up on fish!
 Look, at my MANLY hubby! (and bro and dad too!) 
Then after leaving us home alone, heads down to the coast AGAIN for some more MAN time.
 TROUBLE is a bunch of guys, quads, and a TOY hauler!
 Here he is-- race ready!!!
 TROUBLE with a Capital T!
 But I love that Corey has had time to RECHARGE and RECONNECT with hobbies and friends.
 We all need a break and our boys are so good and easy that now is the season in our family to go and do that!
On the other hand, I stayed home with 3 little MANLY men who always wanted to sleep in my bed.  Ummm... where will I sleep.  Ha, I just lug them back to their beds.
 And catch glimpses of them all snuggled up together for a quiet time, TOTALLY engaged in a book read by GABE!!!
 They are precious,and I do love being home withthe little men.
 I mean, I LOVE those sweet little faces!
 And they are manly!!
 We did our own fun projects too!
 Ya know, pumpkin painting and all!
So, what about you?  How has your fall been?  Do you leave your kids much?  How do you and your family stay engaged in hobbies and friends, and still focus on family?  It has been a long time coming for us!!!  :)