Friday, August 17, 2012

My sister's reception

I am so happy for Hannah.
 God has blessed Hannah with a sweet guy, and they married in March with a very small group of family and friends.  But Aug. 20th was the reception and it was great and a family fun affair.
 My boys loved all of the games, food, family and FUN!
 We played water balloon volleyball.
 We hung with my "other" sister Rachel.
 Enjoyed toasts,
 and participated in the gunny sack races.
 Pictures were taken with props with lots of giggles and laughs.
 It has been ridiculously HOT ( I am NOT complaining!!!!) and so we spent a lot of time at the creek.
 Grant boy loved the water.
 Gavin loved the rocks and being goofy.  He loves to make people laugh.
 And then there was our sweet Gabe, playing with anything and everything- trying to stay clean, cool and be wet all at the same time!
 We did some potty breaks- but not the conventional way- boys are so easy.
 Britches up Grant!
 Corey and I laughed as this was the park where we were married- 11 years ago.  Our kids thought that was pretty special- and it is!  They are right.  They are here as a result of the love and promise that began that night!
Here's to many years of joy Hannah!  The spot was perfect for us!

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