Tuesday, December 29, 2009

RUBY'S HERE (and Uncle Casey)!!!!!

We were thrilled that Uncle Casey (Corey's bro) came with his oldest daughter Ruby for a visit in early December! Our kids saw Ruby at her house in October; and Gabriel and Ruby became best friends. (We pray for Ruby, Claire-Bear and Haley at every meal and at bed time.) My 3 boys love their cousins and were ecstatic to have Ruby come up here.

Hi Ruby Girl!!!!

On our first morning I had made some sugar cookie dough and had it all ready for the kids to do cookie cutters. Sandy (Lita or Ma'z) was here bright and early to spend as much time as possible with her grandkids.

Here are the creative workers, cookie-cuttering away. They actually all did an amazing job!

While we were doing our kid project, Corey and Casey went down to the lake just down from our house. I guess it froze over. Corey and Casey walked all the way around it. Casey and Corey tried to cross one small ice area to short-cut home. Umm.... Casey fell through!!!!!! :) Those 2 boys are hilarious, and definitely RELATED!!! :)

Corey and Casey said it was so amazing and beautiful that we all needed to see it. So we bundled up the 4 munchkins and off we went with John, Sandy, Casey, Corey and myself. It was CRAZY COLD outside. Check out the lake!!!!! It was frozen all the way across!

This log was sticking out of the water and Corey thought it would be funny to get a picture of the kids on it, looking like they were hanging on for dear life.
Gavin did not find this funny.

Poor thing... Trying not to cry....

Gabriel has learned that the best way to deal with Dad, is to just do it quick and get it over with!

Here goes Grant...

Scared spitless, trying to be brave!

Here is our sweet Ruby. What a cutie pie!

Corey and I ventured out to some nearby rocks.

The coolest thing was that you couldn't crack the ice here and Casey could throw a rock across the whole lake. It sounded hollow as it slid along the ice.

We had an early Christmas exchange with Ruby and the boys. I LOVE Christmas, especially kids at Christmas!

The boys received a workbench and tools from Uncle Casey, Aunt Sarah and the girls. Thanks so much for such a fun toy.

Uncle Casey and Ruby are working hard helping us get it all together!

Gavin was a BIG help putting the legs on the toolbench.

Grant loved "ohh"ing and "ahhh"ing over every piece.

Gabe wanted to take some pictures.







Here goes Ruby opening her gifts from us!

Ruby decided to model her new outfit for us if we didn't "make a fuss" about it. I told her we needed a girl picture.

For this one we were laughing hysterically because my boys wanted in the picture too but they had just gone potty, with their rompers snap up. We had to do some covering up before they were allowed in the picture. Gabe and Ruby found it funny, Gavin and Grant weren't sure what all the hubbub was all about! ;)

Ruby loved her new outfit and wore it the rest of the night!

The boys all got matching "Mr. Fix-it" Pajamas from the NEW MEXICO Cowart bunch.

They quickly dressed in them and posed in front of the workbench. *Gavin's new smile*

Thank you Aunt Sarah and Uncle Casey. We love the new stuff, especially the DRILL!!!!!

But actually Gabe thinks that you should move up here, and well, Ruby can spend the night until you do, or he can go with Uncle Casey back. *** All his idea*** but we do want you guys back up here in the gorgeous Pacific NW. Nothing like time spent with those you LOVE.....

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Tree Farm 2009 ~ Farrell Farms

Corey and I have found a Christmas Tree Farm that we love. It is in Washougal, just up past my parents' house. The trees are amazing, and the kids love the cocoa and candy canes. Corey LOVES the big bonfire! I just love making memories with my family during the "most wonderful time of the year!"
Corey and I are ready to lead the trek into the trees.

All four of the BOYS are excited and ready to find the perfect tree!

Smile for the camera, and then we will turn you loose!

The search begins with Gavin leading the way.... Gabe is hot on the trail....

and Grant would rather hold a hand and stick with Daddy-O!

Gabriel has found a tree. "I found one dad! Should we get it?" A little small was the response.

Here is one where all 3 of them found the "PERFECT" tree.

With a little guidance we all found this tree. PERFECTION!

Gavin loves it, and the rock next to it!

Grant Grant also found a rock.

At least Gabriel LOVES our tree. It was promptly sawed down by Corey and I (more Corey) and carried by Corey and Gabriel to the tree shaker and binder/tie-er- upper. :)

Quick pose by before COCOA!

There it goes!

This would have been such a cute shot of my munchkins, but this girl just would not leave. UGH...

She FINALLY leaves and I couldn't get them to look at me for ANYTHING. Figures... ;)

So we got some cocoa while Daddy paid for the tree and then over to enjoy the bonfire.

We got a few family snapshots with a random lab puppy, so stinkin' cute.

Corey and Gabe kept telling me how much fun a puppy would be, but I stayed strong. They are adorable but I know the work and money involved. Not yet... :)

Aren't the chairs COOL?!?!

The happy couple. We both love Christmas and went up here the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Mr. Grant drank his cocoa quickly and kept checking on Gavin's status.

It was some seriously YUMMY cocoa!

Gabriel is getting more and more independent. He decided to go and sit in this chair away from the family all by himself.

Here he is being brave.

Too bad the little brothers follow him right over. Here is Grant on the chair now.

Followed up by Gavin!

The tree is loaded on our lovely PURPLE minivan.

Rounding up the munchkins, time to go.

Our fabulous, fun, family adventure is over for this year- but no worries- we will be back NEXT year!