Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You know you are on your way to CRAZY if....

You made your kids re-enact Titanic parts from the movie

Go down child equipment muttering curses at the amount of painful "shocks" you get
Jump happily from tall houses

Let and encourage WILD animals climb up your leg

Make your child pee along side of the road while creeping along so as to not wake kids in the back from fully stopping the car

are drinking margaritas TWO at a time

Save time by making your kiddos go potty all at once to save time

Encourage yummy sticky messes

Are thrilled that your best friend likes to drink with you ;)

Leave your child by the curb for Grandpa to pick-up for a visit

Dress your son up like a girl

One night of partying now just about "kills" you and makes you happy to be old and done with all of that

Still own a killer pair of glasses such as these beauties.

** Well folks, it has been a fun summer and we have all enjoyed our trip to CRAZYland.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Beach Reunion

A reunion on the Oregon Coast, my parents' hosting us a beachfront home, and meeting/reconnecting with family. So fun, so blessed, so refreshed.

Here are the HIGHLIGHTS!!

We met our Aunt JoAnn and her family * The secret adopted-out sister of my dad and uncle Brad. * She was born out of wedlock, my grandma sent away for a year, JoAnn adopted. We recently learned of her and had a reunion on the Oregon Coast.
We went crabbing off the pier, after checking our crab pots worked! (and caught a feast!)

We had some fun sister time.

We took a "ride" in the mini loaf. OK a photo!

We made our kids and nieces and nephews pose while touring.

We "milked" the cows while taking the Tillamook Cheese Factory tour, devouring cheese samples.

We ate Tillamook Ice Cream cones.

We went out deep sea fishing!

We took silly pictures of our kiddos.

We went to the Blue Heron French Cheese and Wine Tasting place.

We adored the beach home we stayed in and are so grateful to our parents for spoiling us BEACH FRONT.

We played games with our cousins.

We enjoyed the sunsets every night from the beach front home! Ahh...

We (err.... I) ran on the beach every other day training for my 1/2 marathon while reveling in the beauty of God's splendid creation.

We swam in the hot tub probably 2-3 times daily!

We (as in my Papa) bird watched, recording all the birds on the trip.

We found sea stars and enjoyed God's creation at the tidepools.

We built sandcastles, sand wells to water and created shell designs.

Daddy-O flew kites with the munchkins!

We played in the ocean and jumped waves.

We had a fabulous trip. Thanks mom and dad!

Friday, August 12, 2011

The changes that kids make in our lives....

My bestie E (my roommate from college) is just so great. She helps me remember that my name is KAREN, not mommy. I always leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. E and I take turns visiting each other; her to our home and me up to Seattle. This time I took my family up to Seattle....

Here we are after an uphill, no stroller, not really sure where we are going, long hike. :)
Here are at a pirate water show, with lots of crowds and during lunch time. The boys just loved the water... :)

Here is a cool "fire rescue" boat, my boys only like the....


Here is my bestie who is my kindred spirit! Gosh I love the girl! I can officially vouch that I HAVE changed from my college days to a woman who thinks, understands and views everything through MOM LENSES. I am such a mom... :)

I truly can say though that Seattle is still so dear to my heart. I love the city, water (lakes), UW ~ Go Huskies!, and the fact that in 3 hours I can be in Seattle with my bestie E!

E suggests a trendy, big city idea, my kids beg for the park.

So we took my babies (Corey and the boys) to the park! Go figure. Kids... :) It really doesn't take much!

On the way home we saw my Kindergarten through High School best friend Tess at her home. Baby Sophia is 12 weeks, but my kids mainly loved BELLA, the pup! What a FUN trip!

Kids really do change your life, and I L*O*V*E it!

**Can you tell people who have kids from those who don't?**

What a learning curve our kiddos are!!!