Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Yesterday, Corey taught our boys how to make mudpies. That was amusing and seemingly harmless at the time. After today, I am RETHINKING my feelings about mudpies.

I see all 3 boys playing nicely together!
Oh boy!! Are they ever having fun!!

Gabe tells them that he will throw in the ingredients (dirt) while they stir up the batter.
Gavin is doing a full arm stir!

Grant is very proud of his "cooking" skills.

Nothing like a good mud bath, I hear that it is good for the skin.
" Look Mom, we are FILTHY!" Gabe's new fave word.... hmm.......
My favorite picture of Gavin. He looks like Spot the Dog.
I think Gavin's work there was done. :)
"My head is itchy mom..." UGH!
Boys will be boys!!
"I'm done mom! Look at the pie! Let's cook it."
Somebody likes the dirt! (Grant!)

My master chefs!!!
All 3 were stripped down, hosed off and promptly put in the tub.

Look at that water!

Clean feet!

OK, so after a hosing off outside, the bath, I STILL drained the water and had them stand up and take a shower for at least 10 minutes- rewashing for round 2. Dressed and straight to bed for naps. Don't worry I then scrubbed down the bath. Whew!!
OH, the joys of boys!!

We love our park!

Living on a park when you have 3 young boys is the BEST!! I love that we can just POP over for 10-15 minutes and then go straight back home. It's not a big deal because I haven't done carseats or driven somewhere, feeling that I need to stay for a while. Therefore we LOVE our park in the backyard.
All 3 of the boys are capable of playing on all of the play equipment now (with supervision of course!) But if you know these boys at all, then you know that they are MONKEYS!
Gabe "helping" Grant (?) on the fire pole. :)

Our 3 Amigos!

It is wonderful that they can all actually PLAY TOGETHER now. They are so fun and blessings to mine and Corey's lives. Thank you God!!

Brush your teeth!!

As of recently, my boys favorite activity is TEETHBRUSHING!! Now this is tricky because we want our kids to like brushing their teeth and to do it often, BUT - Come on!!- we can not be in the bathroom constantly just brushing our teeth.
These are some pics of the boys and our bathroom time multiple times daily.
1. Toothpaste
2. Brushing
3. Spit!!!!
Enjoy the pics!!

It is crowded for spitting, but they all manage to spit it in!! :)