Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fire Station with Aunt Mindy and Uncle Kevin!!

What fun!! We went to Enchanted Forest on Saturday and on Sunday morning went to the Portland Fire Station where (uncle) Kevin O'Neil works. We drove with Mindy O'Neil over there!
The boys were SOOOO excited to go, but when we got closer to the trucks the boys got nervous. The trucks are HUGE, to me, and to the boys they were GIGANTIC!! Getting inside the fire truck was cool, but they were definitely a little nervous!

Gabe was trying to cheer up Gavin! Gabriel loved the trucks!

Here is Corey and his 3 beautiful sons.
FYI- Click on the photo to enlarge, then just click the BACK ARROW to get back.
Now, Gabriel is holding his neck here. He started crying and complaining about his neck while we were at the station. Corey and I were frustrated and thought he was just being "weird/faking it" because he was nervous. NOPE- as we later find out, Gabe had WHIPLASH--- BAD--- from going on a roller coaster the day before at Enchanted Forest. He was so sore for 3 days. Poor guy. Corey and I just felt awful.

Man, can you tell where my boys get their handsomeness from?
*Not sure handsomeness is a word, but if fit in my sentence well!! :)
Gabriel held his neck "crooked" to that side for 3 days.

Aunt Mindy with Gabe and Grant sitting on Kevin's Fire Truck!
Gabriel holding his neck!

Aunt Mindy with all 3 of her nephews, who love her to pieces!

Gavie and Grant-Grant's last ride/climb in the Fire Truck!

We loved our trip to the Portland Fire Station!!

Grant posing with a REAL, FIREMAN HERO!!!

Thank you so much Uncle Kevin and Aunt Mindy (or Min-Min)! We appreciate you taking time to share your Sunday with The Cowart Clan! Muchas Gracias!

Enchanted Forest

Corey decided we should take a family outing to Enchanted Forest in Salem, OR. He had so many memories of going there when he was young, he couldn't wait to share them with our boys.
Here is our family in Western Town. How fun and COOL!!!

Gabriel and Grant went on a ride, the (mini) Ferris Wheel.
Gavin we didn't even try to put him in, he's a chicken. He would have BAWLED and HATED it!!

Gavin and mommy going through the Alice in Wonderland "Rabbit hole!"

Here we are in the witches' house. A little scary, but the kiddos didn't notice. They just liked the lights in the dark house.

Here is a cute, great ride. The train was similiar to a Candyland train. The boys LOVED it. It had steering wheels and buttons to push. Such a BOY ride!!

Here is Gabe and I on the Frog Hopper. I am sure that you get the idea!! :)

They had a super water/light show. We ate lunch in there. It was fabulous, beautiful and calm.

Here we are going through StoryBook Lane. All of the Nursery Rhymes and old folk tales were displayed. What fun!! Mary Had a Little Lamb and Little Miss Muffett. My kids thought it was the Itsy, Bitsy Spider though! :) Close enough.....

All in all, it was a fun day. I am so grateful that I have such a wonderful husband who loves family outings, values his family, and plans amazing adventures for his boys and that we can do as a family. I love him and am amazed at what a wonderful daddy he is. I love him with all my heart.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Grandpa Bill Family Reunion

Grandpa Bill and Mary are here from Illinois!

We had a fun family reunion in the Dalles in August at John and Sandy Byers (Mom to Corey, Grandma to the boys).

Grandpa Bill and Mary drove out from Illinois. They claim this is their last trip. :(

Corey had a great time visiting with his Grandpa. They talked about everything from cars to family to being a father to living a happy, fulfilled life. Corey loved every minute of the visit.

Here were my boys with their cousin Layla, WHOM THEY LOVED! They were all having a blast playing the piano. Four little light-haired munchkins!

Hi little Miss Layla!

It was time for food and their cousin Joseph came and joined them on the floor for lunch!

Hi Joseph!! He loved the camera!!

Gabriel with his cousins Anna and Eden. He liked that there was BIG kids there!

Nikki and Darren with their girls (4), Mindy and Kevin with their girls (2 DOGS), and Corey and I with our boys (3) all stayed the night at Sandy's. We all had a blast. Aunt Barb and Aunt Brenda bought everyone McDonalds on the morning. We enjoyed the morning all together, then we packed up and all headed home.

Mindy holding baby Kate!

Uncle Kevin getting some bonding time with his lil' buddies.

Grant still trying to wake up!! I guess he wanted a wagon ride!! ?? !!

Gabriel holding baby Kate. He just LOVES holding babies and is SOOO good with them.

FOUR GENERATIONS: Bill Goacher, Sandy Byers, Corey Cowart, Gabriel/Gavin/Grant Cowart

Sandy you were a wonderful host and we appreciate all your hard work. It was such a special time with Grandpa and the family!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


A Family Affair!
So I decided it was time for the boys to have swim lessons... Gabe took a Parent/Tot swim class with Corey last April and May. He loved it and completed the eight week session at Lacamas Swim and Sport. Spendy, but Gabriel loved it and was much more comfortable in the water.
Fastforward to summer.... Now I want Gavin and Grant to take a Parent/Tot class, but with twins you HAVE to have 2 parents in the water, because there are 2 kiddos in the water, therefore Corey and I have to BOTH participate in the class. Hmm... well then, what do we do with Gabriel?
Problem solved, (I'm a genius), let's do private lessons at Miss Shannon's where she will instruct a Parent/Tot class for Corey and I with Gavin and Grant WHILE Miss Shannon will work with Gabriel at Level 1 swim instruction. PERFECT!!!!!! I love it when things actually work out. :)

Corey in the water first, then inviting your child (Gavin) to join you in the water. Gavin splashing Daddy!

We worked hard on getting your child to relax into a supported back float. Grant was a fish!

Corey and Miss Shannon playing with the boys! Classes were so stinkin' fun!!
Miss Shannon rocks!

Gabriel and Miss Shannon working on going under and blowing out through the nose!

Daddy doing double duty while I jump off the diving board with Gabriel! Gabe and I would hold hands and JUMP IN!!

This time Gabriel jumped off the diving board to Miss Shannon ALONE!! So Brave!!!!!

Corey being world best daddy!! What a wonderful husband and amazing daddy!!!

Gabe loves jumping in and being thrown up. He doesn't mind going under at all, especially if FUN is involved!

Gavin kicking. Good job Gavie!!

Grant's turn. Kicking like crazy to the edge. They are going to be swimmers!!

Gavin jumping in the going all the way under. They were amazing!!

Grant's jump (and dunk!) :)

Safe with Daddy. No worries!

Getting out using the ladder after a half an hour class, boy did they love using the ladder!!
Good times, beautiful pool, precious family memories
and Mommy is savoring every minute!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Camas Day Parade

I love living in a small town. We went to the Camas Day Parade and it rocked!

The day was warm, OK HOT, but the kiddos and I didn't care. It was so fun. It was the perfect length for a parade. Not too crowded, just fun! And my brother Andy, Sarah and Baby Lance also came to join in the small town fun!

The 3 boys soon learned that if they waved and blew kisses, they got "OHHs and AHHs" and boatloads of candy thrown to them. Hmmm.........

Gavin loves his sunglasses! He will actually leave them on for LONG chunks of time.

OH and don't be alarmed. I didn't dress them in the purple "ninja" ribbon around their head. That was their "sweet and funny" Daddy!

Final pose, before he had to get serious for the candy throwers!!
I love this shot!!! :) Gavin is such a character!