Saturday, February 26, 2011

How to Throw a Polar Bear Birthday Party!

How to throw a Polar Bear Birthday Party!
FIRST- Find 2 kids who are crazed,
No, obsessed is even better, with polar bears.
Having them be born in Dec/Jan. is even better.

SECOND- Decorate in icy blue and white colors. We do balloons, streamers, plates, tablecloth, cups and napkins in color theme, and then added snowflake stickers to the table cloth.
Also a cute or clever invite using words like: float on over to the Cowart's Den for a chillin' good time for a COOL 3rd birthday for the Cowart Cubs may or may not have been on the evite!

THIRD- Make some delish polar bear cupcakes. I did a marshmallow layed horizontally for the snout, used a generous amount of frosting, Junior Mint for the nose, Chocolate chips for the eyes, and a cut marshmallow for the ears. Now coconut would have been DARLING and looked better for decorating, but really- what little cubs do you know that adore coconut. I don't know any! (Paws- Oreo and Junior Mints.)
FOURTH- Clever chow, I made blue jello cups with gummi sharks and Swedish fish. ** Next time I would just add the whip cream on the top and let the kids add their OWN gummis. More fun and well... the gummis were mushy. ** We also had ICE Krispies, Swedish fish, White Lifesavers, fruit and veggies and ...
the POLAR BEAR cupcakes!
THEN- Invite a GAZILLION little cubs (and their parents over).

AFTER THAT- Sing Happy Birthday to one birthday cub (Gavin) with his choice of it sung fast or slow (FAST!!!!!!) Blow Gavin!
Sing again to bear cub numero dos- fast or slow? (SLOW for Grant)
Blow little cub! Nice job Grant!
Yes, you can eat now lovies! Yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THEN, now that your guests aren't starving for chow, open some gifts.
They were thrilled with EVERY SINGLE GIFT!! They were thankful and just couldn't wait to PLAY!!!
Here's Grant in a new dress-up!
Gavin is in a clean shirt after the cupcake, still polar bear though and with a BEAR umbrella!

Here is Gavin waiting to open his first gift.

The barely controlled chaos/excitement of ALL of the children!

Gavin's turn - Hey good lookin', whatcha got cookin'?

FINALLY- paddle the cubs over for a game of pin the hat on the polar bear, you know so the hubby can attack the wrapping paper mess, I can distract the kids with a game, adults can visit and then the toys will all be in the playroom when the game is done!
So much fun to watch them cheer for their buddies!
LASTLY, relax and smile at your 2 happy little boy cubs.
And actually, Gabriel (aka cub number 3) also had a GRRReat time as well! It was a fun, freezing winter day!
We love our 3 little bears!

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So cute Karen! You're very creative!