Friday, October 29, 2010

Camping in Bend - Aug 2010

For 3 of the last 4 summers, we have gone camping in BEND, OR with John and Sandy * my in-laws * and with Corey's family friends the Houston's/Penner's. This year, due to the long drive we decided to stay for a whole week.
Here is our tent. It says it sleeps 8, but 5 is full enough for us!
We brought our bikes and kiddo bike trailer. So fun!
The kids just LOVE the tent! Napping in a hot tent was some of the best naps EVER!
Maz' had been sneaky the boys some treats!
We had a great spot. HUGE for the camper, our tent in the back - a trail to the pool and the bathrooms and a playground right across the road! A FREAKIN' JACKPOT!!!
We brought the walkie-talkies. That was HOURS of silly fun! Also Corey and I planned better- we had a TOY tent. A netted tent that we planned on for food, but didn't need it and so we used it for toys (legos, books, and coloring. ) Nothing short of BRILLIANT on that one! Bikes were a hit and the throwing beanbag game. Plus the sight was good, OH!, and we brought the grandparents - very smart thinking! ;)
Gavin being Gavin ~ silly and a bit wild all in one!
Gabriel all played out, lounging on Papa John's chair.
Corey and Sandy visiting in the background with boys on the exercise bike. Just kidding- they put it in a rut and then they pedalled, just the back tire just SPUN. Exercise bike!
Papa John on his new PHONE!
Corey showing pics that he took to Sandy.
Bedtime in the TENT!
Me and the Man I LOVE!!!!
Sweetie Pie Gavin!
Sweet Pea Gabe!
Cutie Pie Grant!
Now after night one, we all learned some valuable lessons.
1. Bend is HOT during the day, FREEZING at night. We froze, 5 in our double sleeping bag by morning
2. We need more layers on us.
3. We need more blankets.
Corey the marshmellow man!
Look how big and golden and AWESOME his were!
Corey makin' smores for some happy, tired boys!
This was night 2 and we were warm this night due to stealing almost all the blankets in the trailer!
Swimming while camping in the desert is amazing!
3 pools: family, kiddie, and adult pool
Lunch in the camper
Lunch and then off to SunRiver!
Family shot
The week flew by while we hiked, played, laughed, rested, swam and biked daily!

We were sad to see our week end!

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