Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pumpkin Patch @ Bi-Zi Farms

Here is Mr. Gavin feeding the goats!

Here is Gabriel feeding Jasper the Donkey some apples!

The goats adored Grant. Maybe because he is fearless and actually is able to feed them without yanking his hand away in fear, spilling most of the food (GABE and GAVIN!!) :)

Here is Corey teaching the boys all about the tast of hay. Go Daddy. Yeehaw Gavin!!

You can take the boy *Daddy* out of the country, but you can take the country out of the boy!

Grant being brave with Daddy's help. Going through the hay bale maze is a kick in the pants!

Gavin's hat might be a wee bit big! :) Gavin in a ton of corn kernals playing.

Gabriel coming through a tunnel on the hay pyramid!!!

Gabriel has no fear climbing, but Corey was never too far away!

OH YEAH!! Ma'z (Grandma Sandy) came with us, since John was hunting!! What day isn't more fun with Ma'z there!

Corey and I with Gavin and Grant. Gabriel is somewhere on top of the hay pyramid!!

The tractor ride out to the pumpkins! You can't see their Uncle Cody and Aunt Shannon, but they were on the tractor with us too! We actually had more adults than kiddos. It was NICE!! :)

Gabriel laying on this pumpkin, but didn't pick it, because it's not GREEN!! 2 years in a row now he has picked a GREEN pumpkin! Knuckle-head!! :)

Here's Grant sitting on his pumpkin!

Here's Gavin sitting on his pumpkin!

Gabe thought that he might want THIS pumpkin, sorry too heavy and well, it is the picture prop!

Those two boys are the hardest things to get a picture of!! Turkeys!!!

Our family had the most amazing day!! I love every minute that we get to spend together!! My husband is wonderful and we have THE BEST kids ever!!!

Lance is now ONE OF THE BOYS!!!

Welcome to my life. I am surrounded by BOYS!!! And I love it!! I have the sweetest faces that beam at me everyday. I know that I am blessed beyond compare. God has been so good to Corey and I. We love our sweet, precious boy and now for 11 hours each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I also have my sweet nephew Lance.
Lance loves all of the hub-bub!!
All of my 3 boys love him. I think the feeling is mutual!

There are my 4 sweet boys!!!

Trying on our Halloween Costumes!!! *** UPDATED!!***

This year for Halloween Gabriel was Woody from TOY STORY, Gavin was Cookie Monster, and Grant was Elmo. They were adorable. I have to say (as a biased parent of course.)

Sitting down for a cookie break!!! How fitting! :)

Falling on the ground- doing some tricks!

Standing on my laundry basket, great trick Cookie Monster!

Gavin was excited about Gabe's costume as well. Gabe is sharing his hat until Gavin's gets here!

You look pretty cute though Gavin!!!

Gabriel is an adorable cowboy, and his best friend Jack is Buzz Lightyear! FUN!!!!!

He is one handsome boy!!!!

This was one expensive costume, but this is the only thing he wanted to be, so Corey and I instantly gave-in, like a bunch of softies. Ahh.... how we love our kids. :)

Here comes Elmo, doing "tricks".

Hi cutie-pie Grant!

He was spinning around, more tricks!

Ta-da~~~ Elmo loves you!!!

Air show for Corey and Gabe!

Here are my sweet boys at Gabe's first air show. It was over in Hillsboro and Gabe loved looking at all of the planes, helicopters and stunt shows. His only compliant was that it was "SO LOUD!"

Corey's best friend Attila was able to stop by and join them! Could Corey's day get any better? :)

Corey stopped by the Marines booth and did 33 fully extended arm pull-ups. He won all kinds of free give aways including a water bottle, football, ball, and neck key chain. You rock Corey!!!

Gabriel loves taking pictures and is really good at it.

Here are 2 of my 4 favorite men on this planet!!!

Gabriel was awestruck by the SIZE of the planes.

A perfect day for both Daddy and his big boy!! Thanks for the free tickets Dusty!!!