Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wrapping up Fall 2010!

I am learning how fleeting childhood is. My "babies" are growing up before my eyes. It is exciting and sad, proud and heartbreaking to watch these little ones develop and grow. Personalities are so strong and distinct. I am thrilled and treasure my little ones. Here Gavin and Grant are at 2 1/2 years old.
Gavin is on the left, Grant is on the right.
June 2010

Here are my 3 little ones. Gavin - 2 and 1/2, Gabe - 4, Grant - 2 and 1/2
My three favorite little guys on this planet
Now, here is Gabe at 4 and 1/2 with Grant and Gavin perched on top!

I loved these FALL FISHIN' shirts. They were so handsome!

As fall is coming to a close, I KNOW that I am blessed richly by God for these precious "angel babies" in my life. Corey and I are thee luckiest parents to have such sweet, kind-hearted children. My heart is FULL!

Monday, November 29, 2010

My Favorite Things: Thankfulness Challenge Week 3

I love doing this challenge from the High Heeled Housewife blog that I enjoy. Check it out at: www.highheeledhousewife.com Ya know, if I knew how to link to her site I would, and (even blog well I would like: Fix my Clowart Clan to Cowart Clan in the header, Add blogs that I enjoy down the side, Organize my posts into: (boring) Family updates, Faith, Parenting, Love and Marriage, Misc. , but alas, I don't and will limp my blog along, smiling blissfully all the while.) I bunny-trailed.... OK....

FOCUS... Long day, and well, my kiddos need to get outside and run laps, but it is freezing outside.

Week 3 Challenge: Favorite Household Chore
This week instead of dreading doing your household chores, focus on your favorite household chair. Enjoy doing it!!

**True story, so when I first read this and saw this one I groaned to my husband, "Like I EVER like to clean. Ugh..." Thankfulness, right. Yeah.... My husband quickly responds, "At least you have a house to clean babe, and that it is nice, and that you get to be home and clean it- instead of going to work everyday." "Oh, sorry..." I sheepishly mumble. So embarrassed, and horrified AT MYSELF!!!! What a brat I was being. I AM thankful for my home and I love it and clean it multiple times daily to show my appreciation to my husband for all of his hard work. I also believe that a clean home is a haven where my husband can relax. Ahh.... so I clean away!

My favorite chore is VACUUMING. I love that I have to clean/ pick-up all of the rooms to vacuum and then when I am done, IT LOOKS AMAZING IN HERE! It just feels good to have it picked up, orderly and CLEAN. So I vacuum often, which is good with 3 small boys, and AM LOVIN' EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh Yeah!! Fall is here! Nov. 2010

My sweetie-pie neice Alaina. What don't I like about her? She is cute, upbeat, sweet and ADORES my children. Plus, I think that I am her fave Auntie! Shhhh... ;)
So every other Sunday I usually get a call with a "can I come over? somewhere in the conversation and the answer is ALWAYS, Heck yes!!! Come on over!
Alaina remembers our leaf piles every year, thanks to the gigant-o tree (yes, all from one tree!) above! So in November the raking usually begins! Lainey suggested today to be THE DAY!
So I arm Alaina and my 3 littles with all the tools that I deem fit (and safe!)
They did a GREAT job! That pile was ALL them. No help! Impressive huh? Oh yeah, and she begs to do this. All I do is supply the hot chocolate..... :)
Lainey asking Gavin what they should do next!! Jump, etc.
Here is my sweet Gabriel... Man, he is growing up quickly!
Gavin looks like he is scheming us trouble, and Grant is mellow as usual!
Gavin my wild man suggested THROWING W-I-L-D the leaves. Good choice!
Then Gabe suggested JUMPING!
Grant didn't care, as long as they were together and having fun!

Who knew that leaves could be SOOOOO much fun!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thankfulness Challenge: Week 2

** this Halloween** Oct. 2010

This Monday is week 2 of the THANKFULNESS CHALLENGE. The focus is :

My favorite thing about my Husband (or Family).

My favorite thing about my family is Corey my husband. Here is why:

1. He loves and pursues God. He gets up even EARLIER than needed just to ensure that he is in the WORD daily before work. He seeks God's will in his life, and in leading our family.

2. He leads our family. Corey is not a push-over. Corey uses wisdom to make decisions; they are thougthful, loving and wise. I think much more in the moment and appreciate his LONG TERM planning. Even if I don't agree, when we sit down and talk, I almost always end up seeing why he is leading our family the way he is choosing to and often, by the end, I am usually on board 100%.

3. Corey is a great communicator. He never yells, inimidates, plays games, manipulates, etc. He is honest and staight forward. Working out our (rare) disagreements are priority.

4. He is the best Daddy known to man. You know when your children yell, "Goodie! Goodie Daddy's home." or "Get ME Daddy" that your children are head over heels for the man known as Daddy. He doesn't just have children, he loves them, cherishes them, and shows them his love and attention daily.

5. He balances me. I can be dramatic. :) Maybe passionate is the word, but I jump into things. Corey never forces things, what 9 years of wonderful marriage has taught me is to HAVE FAITH IN COREY, IN HIS LOVE, AND IN HIS WANTING THE BEST FOR ME. When Corey speaks, I listen because I can trust him. He has earned it a MILLION times over.

6. The Man loves me and desires the best for me, and works every day so that I can live my dream of being a stay at home mommy while our munchkins are young.

7. Seriously, he is SUCH a catch. Smokin' hot, physically fit, handsome and has the best heart ever.

8. This man is truly the hardest worker I know. He doesn't do anything part-way. Everything is done well (near perfect). He is an assest to any team/group he is on or in.

9. He is wise beyond years. People seek him out for advice (older people) because God has bestowed great wisdom on him.

10. Corey has never, EVER made me doubt his love or affection for me. EVER. He has made me secure in knowing that I am a PRIORITY for him. Me and our fabulous boys.

11. He helps me discipline. I teach; I know kids; but these 3 don't go home and I don't get a break, and support is important and unreplaceable, especially on THOSE DAYS. My kids don't GET MY GOAT very often, but some days I am DONE and unsure of how to best handle situations. He handles every situation well, with love and respect, while disciplining our boys.

12. He is the best, most deserving of respect of anyone I know. He has integity. Seriously, I have never seen him treat someone unfair, unkind, etc.

13. While deathly sick fighting Crohn's Disease, my husband went to work EVERY flippin' day. He never fails to provide or shirk ANY responsibility. People are constantly asking my husband for help and he is great and helpful, yet never letting it interfere with his us (his family.)

14. I am confident that he will be able to raise (with me) THREE godly, wise men. They have the best role-model for what a godly man does, and how he acts and behaves.

15. Plus, the man can fix anything. That is "handy" to have around!

I love that man more than I dreamed possible. I really, REALLY do have THEE BEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD. I know others say that, but sorry, I have him. :) * no disrespect* I treasure this man. He is my best friend. I am over the moon for him. I pray for many more years with this amazing man. Everyone else knows how great he is, and I am just grateful to have "landed" such a catch! He is the foundation of our family leading us towards God.

Halloween Night 2010

So first, yes ~ I am behind! Seriously ~ I know. I really and truly can't keep up with everything. So I do what I can, and finish when I can.
Now to the good stuff.... How freakin' adorable are they???? Oh my... they make me grin just looking at my beautiful, healthy darlings.
We have a Dalmation dog named SPOT. A Grant who is known as Woody and a Gavin who is currently going by the name Buzz or Space Ranger! :)
I (brilliantly) decided to take pictures that day due to our PART-TAY that night. He jumped on the suggestion, grabbed the camerea and decided that he was the better picture taker, and well took the pictures. I was so grateful (and got to be the crazy mom doing antics and coaxing out smiles behind Corey.)
Woody taking his job seriously!
The dog taking control of the situation.
and Woody now going after Buzz!
Here are the twins at their 2nd Halloween. I paid a fortune (as usual) but loved the costumes.
Gabe was doing to be a dog since his birthday last MARCH. Oh that kid wants a puppy so bad.
Here is Gavin being a fantastic Buzz.
Here are my beautiful babies. Gabe 4, Grant 2, Gavin 2

And well, this is because Corey was taking the pictures. Go figure!
I am still laughing as I type. Corey cracks me up.

So the part-tay. A kid party, for kids, with other parents of kids... still we all loved it!
Jack the fireman
Ellie the butterfly
Lance the Giraffe
Rowan the Pumpkin
My Niece Alaina the Jazzerciser!

The fun food! I loved the spider and skeleton dipped OREOS.
Here are the witches' fingers (thanks Laurel)

Laurel's creative yummy's!
The rest of the spread... brats and hotdogs, pumpkin cake, 7 layer bean dip, fruit tray OH and my pumpkin tree in the background!

Sarah, Lance and my little bro Andy
Gavin's first candy!
Grant's first piece

Gabe's first piece EXCITING!!
Me with the love of my life! I love him so much, even if he didn't dress as a fireman to walk around with Gabe, even if he didn't want me to dress-up as JESSIE the cowgirl from Toy Story or as Cruella de Ville. I still have him who tolerates all of my wild ZEST for life and calms/grounds me when I need it!
Trick or Treat!
The dalmation and the fireman!
Insisting that Gav wears his goggles, since I paid for those too!
The littles (kids 2 and under) went home after 2 blocks but Gabe and Ellie (4) went for 2 more blocks with the daddies!
Later that night after the party, ANGIE showed with with Mike, Colton and 4 days old baby Macie!!! Jenae got to her first!

But don't worry, I was patient and soon got my turn! **HONESTLY, there is NOTHING like holding a newborn, fresh from Heaven! I loved every second of it!

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Herd Overheard

My kids say some funny things ~ here are a rare few that I remember:

  1. After the first day of pre-school, as soon as we were all in the mini-van, GABE wails, " Mom, why didn't you teach me to color? (Tears welling) The kids said that I shriveled (scribbled- which I didn't know what he was saying, so I didn't know how to respond.) Trust me that night we practiced, I just thought that free, creative drawing was better/more important. I guessed wrong! ;)
  2. Me walking down the hall passing the bathroom, "DON'T TOUCH IT, FLUSH IT!"
  3. Grandpa B. on the phone with Gabe: "...I will bring down my RAIN GEAR." Gabe: "You have REINDEER??? YOU HAVE REINDEER!!!!!!!"
  4. Grant: "Uncle Brad, can I use your CANDY CANE?" (his cane-:)
  5. Random Stranger: Are they brothers or sisters? Me: Incredulously, as the twins are decked out in matching outfits head to toe (blue tops with dinosaurs, khaki brown pants, brown shoes, spiked hair) BROTHERS... Stranger: I just KNEW that they were related, something in their faces Me: (WHAT? Yeah something in their faces- maybe that they are the SAME IDENTICAL FACE wanting to be a brat, but biting my tongue) OK, thanks. Yup, we need to get moving.
  6. Gabe whispering, "Mom, she lied. Your hands AREN'T full, they're empty." :)
  7. "What do you want to thank GOD for tonight?" Gabriel: "That God is our Healer." *I tear up after the whole Crohn's and Corey thing.* Grant without missing a beat yells, "Praise God! Rock the Hou-ouse!" Then I start laughing/choking and crying. Kids are great!
  8. Gabe: Mom, you look different. Me: Well, I did my hair today. It's not in a ponytail. See... as I pull my hair back. Gabe: Whoa, that's MUCH BETTER!
  9. "Gavin, too close (to the fish pond)!!! You're going to fall in!" Gavin grinning, eyes dancing and twinkling with delight at even the thought, "YES PLEASE!"
  10. "Help mom! My privates are HUGE."
  11. Grant to Gavin: Lean over my knee. Gavin: No! Why? Grant: I think YOU KNOW why!
  12. "Thank shoe (you)" I am going to be SOOOO sad when that one is gone.
  13. Gabe: Mom, could you tell my teachers that I like have my bunsies pinched. Me: Nope, I am not going to be telling them that.

I am a mom of 3 young boys and their you have it! All the silly little things that cause Corey and I to giggle. Being a MOM is my joy. I love it. Kids crack me up and keep me young. Even on the hard, trying days trials are easily overshadowed by smiles, giggles, snuggles, hugs, wet kisses and random I LOVE YOU MAMAs, and then and there - my heart melts, my eyes well up and I smile and smooch my little angel babies until we are all laughing. Ahhh... what a blessing kids are. I know that I am blessed, triple blessed, and I am TRULY thankful for my 3 mini munchkins.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Thankfulness Challenge: Week 1

As checking my heart in the area of thankfulness, I was challenge to blog on THANKFULNESS for 6 Mondays. This week I will be writing on this area:

my favorite part of being a wife or woman

My favorite part of being a wife or a woman is being NURTURING. I live with 4 men in our home, and adding nurturing, feminine touches is important in being a loving wife, a nurturing mother, and graceful homemaker (still working on that one!)

My husband is beyond amazing, beyond what I could have ever imagine, dreamed up or hoped for in a godly man, wonderful provider, great daddy, and best friend. Corey doesn't require or NEED much from me, but I know that nurturing, thoughtful gestures are cherished by him. My laying out needed items, calling on appts. for him, cooking him good meals that adhere to his diet allow my loving, nurturing side to bless him. They support him and let him know that when he is done with a long day at work, he is able to come home and be loved with small, nurturing gestures. I am thankful that I can support him that way. I like caring for others, but to do that as a blessing to those I love most is wonderful. Thank you God for the way that you wired us women.

My 3 little munchkins still need daily
nurturing. They need loving guidance and correction, gentle lessons and cuddles, kisses for bonks, bruises and owies, time while cooking together, patience for modeled activites, joyful playing, time to be heard and listened to, stories before bed, and kisses and snuggles at night. I am grateful to be a woman. God has gifted us with the ability to be nurturing. I think that nurturing behavior comes naturally to woman. I believe that it is suppose to be there, and it is a blessing to our families. I thank God that he blessed me with the gift of being nurturing. My family needs me to be living with a nurturing attitude vs. a selfish attitude.

I do believe that while nurturing comes easy with those we love the most, but that when we extend it out to others, it makes them feel loved and valued as well. When your guests are nurtured in your home through thoughtful planning, small details, etc. they know and are appreciative. So I challenge you ladies ~ Do it! Put your gift of NURTURING into action this holidays. * Being nurturing includes knowing what others need, and DOING it before they even need to ask. Somewhat, anticipating the needs of others. * What do others need from you? This is a gift God gave strongly to us women ~ one of our feminine strengths. Be thankful for the gift and let it be a blessing to others.

Because 2 is even cuter than one!

When it is a face that you ADORE, 2 is definitely EVEN CUTER than one!
I wanted to post a couple of cute pics of the youngest two. I have LOVED my extra time with Gavin and Grant while Gabriel is at Pre-School. I have been more focused on their learning as well.
We have been counting steps, trains and the like, now they are easily counting to 19 ... They (usually) know the ABCs. Have memorized Heb. 13:6 (The LORD is my helper. I will NOT be afraid.) and sing the days of the week.
Things that they occassionally know include shapes.
Colors.... oh, colors! They (when bribed with chocolate chips) CAN get most colors. We practice with paint samples from LOWES. My husband is convinced that they are either color-blind or JUST REALLY DON'T CARE. Or they are still two, young. :) These two monkeys are definitely NOT PLEASERS like our first born, but they are sunshine and joy. They may just required MORE help academically. AMEN, that I am an elementary teacher/specialist!