Tuesday, April 24, 2012


 Here are the handsome little men.  All dressed up, lookin' good and ready for church!
 Yes, they are handsome little monkeys!
 Afterwards we had a delish dinner at Andy and Sarah's.  While the ladies cooked, the men filled eggs and the kids played!
 They were totally anxious for the egg hunt- carrying their baskets with them everywhere.
 Here are the cousins.
 Here are the cooks and mamas!  The dads and Toby are hiding the eggs.  Little boys in the backyard while the big kids will go after in the front yard.  READY SET GO!!!!!!!
 Grant- his first egg
 Gabe- on the hunt (look at that FULL basket!)
 Gavin- go some
 Lance- dropping out eggs as fast as he gets thems  :)
 Then comes the BIG kids
 Alaina and Rileigh had their own hunt in the front.
Here are the men- all enjoying the sun while watching the kiddos hunt.   Happy belated Easter!

** and now the kids are on a sugar detox.  I swear we had candy from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas treats to Gavin and Grant's B-day in January to Valentine's Day in Feb.  to Gabe's B-Day in March to Easter  AND NOW IT IS OVER.  Good-bye sugar.  We are eating healthier and need to be cavity free.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Magic Magician Birthday Party ~ Gabe's 6th B-day

My big boy is SIX!!! 
And he made up his mind, LAST YEAR to have a Magician Birthday.  He loves tricks and magic, so we hired a magician, and SEARCHED out "magic" party ideas and got to work.

My family is large and my home is cozy, so I separated the party into a friends party on Saturday and a family party on Sunday.  I was pleased as it wasn't as crazy and overwhelming for me, Gabe or the guests.

OK... so here was the spread.

1.  We had Hocus Pocus Punch--  sprite and lime sherbet.  YUM!
2.  Kettle corn and popcorn for during the magician "SHOW." 

3.  The kids loved making Abra-Cadbra- Kabobs.  *Easy and helpful since I didn't know his Kindergarten buddies and if they didn't like a certain fruit, they didn't have to put it on the kabob.

4.  We had veggies and called it magical rabbit food.  They loved it munched happily.
5.  Main dish- I ordered pizza for the kid party cause MOST kids like pizza.  For the family party we had hamburgers and hotdogs, potato salad, and chips.
6.  I made magical lollipops, said ABRA CADBRA ZAM!!!  and they "turned" to cake.   Cake pops were tedious and time consuming, but they were good, a nice size and festive looking!!!

We played "POKE THE EARS OUT OF THE RABBIT."  *just like pin the tail on the donkey.*

And took a few pictures of Gabe before all the guests arrived.

We had capes with a "G" on them from my sweet friend Laurel.
I ordered wands and hats for the kiddos.
I also had a BUNCH of mustaches of all shapes and sizes.  I kids L*O*V*E*D these!

Gavin taking a turn posing!

Grant showing off his POWERS.

Here are some of Gabe's little buddies.

Here all the kids are eating popcorn while watching the MAGICIAN!!

They were all amazed.  Good thing cause a slightly older crowd wouldn't have been so gracious.

His tricks were funny, and some astounding, the kids mesmorized.

Here is Gabe helping with a trick.

After that we opened gifts, sang and had cake, then played until there families picked up the kids.
Super fun and Gabe made a HAUL on Legos.

*Round 2*
At the family party, Gabe performed some tricks since I didn't hire the magician 2 days in a row, or want to pay twice.  This party was longer about 2 and a half to 3 hours VERSUS 1.5 hours at the friend party.  We were able to chat, hang out and enjoy it.

Here is Gabe with his Aunties.  Oh, and the BBQ was amazing.  My man can grill.

Here are the 3 little cousins.

Here are Uncle Andy (my bro) and Aunt Sarah who is "about to pop" pregnant.

Here is Papa John helping Gabe with gifts.  Oh yes, that is a Magic set!

And here was a special gift made by Aunt Shannon and Aunt Ashley.  A table tent with doors and windows.  It hasn't come down yet and fits perfectly over a card table.  So special- and all sides are different!

Again, the mustaches were a hit!

It was fun, but I am done with birthdays until next January although my boys are already planning an Angry Birds birthday.  Knuckleheads......

How do you all do birthdays with friends and family?  Seperate?  Together?  At your home?  At a place/venue?  Are your parties expensive?  Do you go all out?