Tuesday, December 13, 2011

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree - How lovely is your Scent!

Yeah, it's up!

 Corey and I took the munchkins up to the Christmas Tree Farm on Monday after work and found us a tree.  It was cool and dry, so we did it. 
 Here is the tree Gabe picked!
 Here is the Tree Grant picked!
 Here is the tree Gavin picked.
 We made quick work of sawing it down, with all the munchkins "helping" Daddy!  Then while they were shaking and binding it up, we helped ourselves to candy canes and cocoa.  Ahh... all while sitting by the warm of a crackling fire.  It was so dreamy.  And due to the fact it was a Monday afternoon, we were pretty much the only people there!  So fun, so special and so quick.
 We took our beauty home and decorated it right up.  Corey opted for LED lights and got white (which are a glaring blueish) instead of color.  We both think that we will re-invest next year for color. 
 We don't have a themed tree, just sweet memories and favorite ornaments.
 I also got right on wrapping presents, and the boys wrapped some too.  They were pretty proud of themselves.  
And then, not to be out done, I quickly busted out the decorations and hung the stockings with care.

I love Christmas.  I love the music, joy, magic, nativity.  Mittens, cocoa, sugar cookies and gingerbread houses.  The tree, the lights, the scent of evergreen and gifts.

I love the LOVE.  Merry Christmas sweet friends.

Monday, December 12, 2011


So, I am slightly a control freak.  I am usually on top of everything, in the "know", and know everything that is happening in this little home and family of ours. 

That said, I turned 33 **GASP!!!*** Nov. 30th and my husband threw a surprise party!!
What the heck?!?!  How did I not know?  I don't know.  I must be getting OLD...  :)

 Here I am coming in....
 Yes, I do look a little dorky-  DIDN'T KNOW FOLKS!!  Yes, I do look a little "deer in the headlights"  I was TOTALLY SHOCKED.
 Look what my man did!!  Isn't he great!  Ya, I know--  The best!!!
 A feast!
And then we played BUNCO all night!!  Corey outdid himself, as usual, spoiling everyone there and making me feel loved, as usual!  Man, he is a good guy - but YIKES no more surprise parties.  That was such a weird/confused feeling.   But the flip side, I love a good party!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fall in a Nutshell!!!

Happy Fall Ya'll
 So, our fall here has been the best yet.  The weather is gorgeous, I am still running and the leaves are FREAKIN' stunning.  Seriously, great fall.  Fall is my fave season and here are the highlights. 
1.  Costumes - my kids are so funny choosing them, and darling wearing them!
2.  Our excuse to throw a party - We host Halloween every year
3.  The pumpkins patch - pumpkins, carving, seeds, and family fun!  Ahh...

The Highlights:

 Lance as Winnie the Pooh
 Angie's kiddos as Luke and Leia!  :)
 My niece Lainey and Rowan the Bee
 My Darlings - Gavin the Chef
 Grant the Dalmation
 Gabe the Pirate
 The neurotic mom who makes her kids carve pumpkins in their undies because of the mess.  What a MEAN mom I am!!  :)  Black mail pics ~ Oh yeah baby!!!  I am ready for 3 boys in middle school and High School and I am WELL prepared.
The family at the Bi-Zi Farms.  Ahh we love the pumpkin patch!!!  What a day of ANIMALS,
 We did the hay maze and for the first time they could do it all on their own.  Dang, they are getting BIG.    Me and my twinnies  Grantie and Gavie.
 The big boy, who completed the maze in NO TIME flat.
 We then trotted off for pumpkins, and found every size, color, and shape imaginable.
 We rode the tractor back with all the heavy pumpkins,
 then washed them!
 After that we tried the pumpkin launch!!!  So FUN!!!
 Then back to the hay bale pyramid for the 40th time, kidding!! - kinda, it felt like it!!!
 See, here we are again.
 But what else would I rather do than hang with my 4 favorite DUDES?  Nothing!!!  :)
But avast, it was time to leave so we finally loaded up the pumpkins and boys all in a wheelbarrow and off we went.

Ahh... I love fall!!!  Happy Fall Ya'll!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Trail of the Pumpkin Patch and Halloween's Past

October 2006
 Here we are... just youngin's with our Baby Gabe... 7 months
 The pumpkin was heavier than Gabe, so in the Bjorn it went.
 The next year 2007
Gabe is 1 1/2  I am prego with the twinnies.
 Here is 2008  The twins are 10 months.  Gabe is 2 1/2.  Year 2008
 Here we are in 2009.  Boys are 1 1/2  Gabe is 3.
 Last year 2010  TWINNIES - 2  Gabe - 4
Present 2011  The family  Twins 3  Gabe 5

** Fall of 2006**

 Year of 2007  Gabe is a Duck from the Chicken the 1st year!
 Fall of 2008  Carving Time!
 Costumes of 2008  Chickens and ELMO!!!
 Costumes of 2009  Woody and Cookie & Elmo
 Carving of 2009!!!  Freeze!!!
 Costumes of 2010-  Ahhh... they are BIG NOW!
 And this year!!  Pirate Gabriel, Chef Gavie and Dalmation Grant