Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dress-up isn't just for GIRLS!!

"Hi Mom, look at us!"
After Halloween I decided to get some costume from Target on their 70% off clearance rack. Obviously everyone managed to get there before me, so I asked the world's best shopper MY MOTHER IN LAW to find some for me and I would pay her back. She found these! We (the boys) love them! Pirate Gabriel, Fireman Grant and Indian/Native American Gavin! They play in these for hours and are so creative. I love listening to their adventures!
And here is Grant in all 3 costumes, well, because that seems like triple the fun right!?!?

Strep Throat Sickies!

Unbelievable, inconceivable...
We did it again. All 3 munchkins had strep throat again the week of Christmas.
Last year it was contracted on the 23rd (Grant), 24th (Gabriel) and 25th (Gavin). This year it was the 20th (Grant), 21st (Gavin) and 22nd (Gabriel). Now while I can say the timing was better, it is still HORIBBLE, WEIRD and AWFUL. They all were 102-104 in fevers and didn't/couldn't eat. So...
I medicated them with Motrin and Tylenol (stubborn fevers) to get their fevers down to 100 and had them take antibiotics. Also they would only eat soft stuff ~ jello, pudding and popsicles. Oh, and the flashlight was used to check throats and the yogurt maker going to help them get good probiotics after antibiotic. A sorry bunch! Needless to say we watch a lot of Dora and read book after book.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gabe's Famous ~ Ha, Ha!! Pre-school Program

I am soooooo that parent! I adore my kids and think that they are the CUTEST, KINDEST, and BEST kids on the planet. Gabe is the darling boy in the handsome red sweater vest, so well-behaved with his hands folded (you know ~ being PERFECT! )
So here we are at Little Lamb Pre-School watching Gabe's Program CALLED God's Greatest Gift. It was short, sweet and followed by refreshments. YUMMY!
Gabe's teachers cracked us up showing him buying " Chai Teas with WHIP Please" from their play Hot Chocolate Stand.
Here is a quick video. It was a hoot to watch!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

ZOO Lights @ Washington Park Zoo!

I enjoy Christmas Lights, adore a deal (try free zoo pass memebers), and L*O*V*E being with my family. So Corey and I packed up the munchkins and my niece and nephew and headed off to the ZOO at Washington Park on a freezing cold Wednesday Night.
The lights were fun, beautiful and mesmorizing!
Welcome to ZOO Lights!
Here's the Gang: Tobias, Gabriel, Grant, Alaina, YOURS TRULY, and Gavin
Our first peek!
Ohhs... and Ahhs... continually for the next 2 and 1/2 hours!
It was my first time at ZOO Lights and everyone said that we HAD to ride the train. Here was our ride! See a video at the bottom of the FUN lights!
While you wait for the train this area changes for each seasons with roses to pumpkins and fall, to winter snow and spring with animals and flowers. It was impressive and stunning!
OH! and my youngest 2 are OBSESSED with polar bears. They freaked out and stalked him around the zoo! :)
Here we are in the millions of lights. It was so fun and lots of the displays show animals "moving" through a scene. (ex. monkey swinging throught the trees, etc.)
I love these guys!
Here is where we stopped for hot chocolate and ELEPHANT EARS! Warm and tasty!
Gabriel was tickled over the little gingerbread, candy house.
This was my favorite area. It was the african plains with animals "moving" all over the pavillion.
Alrighty, getting tired ~cold ~ whiny ~ Corey and I decided it was time to High-Tail it out of here. My philosophy is get while the getting is good. DO NOT wait until the kiddos fall apart to leave.
So we found Rudolph on the way out and go a fun, family picture! Wow! We are all looking! *Honestly check out the hotty hubby in the beanie who is THEE BEST dad too!*
Saying good-bye to the ZOO.
I would absolutely recomend this to anyone in the area. Just bring a stroller! :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thankfulness Challenge Week 6

This is the last and final Thankfulness Challenge from Brittany over at High-Heeled Housewife ( ) SERIOUSLY, SORRY. I need to learn to blog right (like link you to her site, and my previous challenges, but life for me is just maintaining my home as a peaceful, happy place bursting with fun and love ~ so I will save some savvy, techie learning for another season of life.

Alrighty, back to the task at hand ~ Challenge for Week Six. What is your favorite encouragement from the BIBLE?

EASY~ I have 2 and they carried Corey and I through our hardest, darkest months of illness, finding a diagnosis, reeling from the news of Crohn's disease, struggling to keep Corey alive, researching and begging God for direction, help and getting into remission ~ all the while of having our Monday Morning Miracles (healthy twin boys) and mothering a one year old son. Whew! Praise God we survived!

Verse 1: Promising God Will Strengthen and Help Us.

Isaiah 41:10 Fear not, for I AM with you (Cowart Family); Be not dismayed, for I AM your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. (umm... tears)

Isaiah 40:31 But those who wait (we read perserve) on the LORD shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles. They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.

Verse 2: God Promising He Will NEVER Leave Us or Forsake Us. ( Can I get an AMEN!?!?)

Hebrews 13:5 He will never leave you or forsake you.

Believe it. Our lives are testaments of these biblical truths. Thank you God for your truths, your Word and your Son.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Watkins' Company Christmas Party ~ Dec. 2010

My husband's company is amazing. They out-do themselves each party with overflowing generosity, outstanding food and drink, lodging for the drinkers, and now with children in the young families including them in the festivities! We are so grateful to be included in the Watkins' Family.
So here we are on a Friday night for a company work party. They hosted the event at the Skamania Lodge, beginning with overnight lodging for all, drinks and appetizers at 5:00, dinner at 6:00. That in itself is AMAZING and generous beyond belief.
Now the best part was that we were able to include our kids in the festivities. Dale and Deb had Santa come with over-the-top gifts for all 5 munchkins there (3 were mine, 1 was Lance my nephew, and Ebba-Christina granddaughter to the owners, and daughter to JP and Cortney who estimate jobs.) My boys at never seen a LIVE Santa (not for picture, nothing) but this year we had read the books and they understood what he stands for and what is "job" is. ;)
Deb Watkins asked which kid would like to see Santa first and Gavin (the brave one) ran up. Please see his video at the bottom of the posting.
Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas : POLAR BEARS
Here is his gift. A Toy Story 3 box of Duplo Legos. THEE perfect gift. Way to go Santa's Helper.

Grant chose to go next and talked to Santa about being good. He LOVED Santa and gave him a great big hug. Precious.
Grant also recieved a Duplo Lego set from the movie Cars. Couldn't have picked it out better myself. Thank you Santa and Helpers.

Then comes Mr. Gabriel, being brave since the little 2 had a great time and received PRESENTS for it. Gabe was sweet and thougthful in his answers to Santa. See videos at the end of the posting!

I had my boys wait until all of the munchkins had seen/ cried at Santa before they opened their LEGOS!

Here is the adorable Ebba-Christina. Exactly 1 year (to the day) younger than Gavin and Grant.

Here is Lance CRYING at Santa, well.... and us laughing. He would walk up fine and then WAIL when he got a foot away. So funny!
Now who is the BIG girl, well-well, that is my neice Alaina who we brought as our baby-sitter because while our boys are super-well behaved, I like to put them to bed on a good note as opposed to waiting until they fall apart due to eing over tired. Truly, she was a dream. She played with all 5 kids the whole party, put them to bed and stayed with them in the room so the Little Mama and Daddy-O could get down with our BAD SELVES. And that we did!!!

Santa, His Helper Deb Watkins and Ebba-Stina, Gabe and Lance, Grant (dark pants) and
Gavin (light pants).

Our family getting in a quick shot with Santa, because the night was magical, fun and special.

The Watkins' Company

Due to Santa's Helper and her ingenius gifts the kids quietly played the WHOLE, ENTIRE time!
Oh and my bringing Sweet Alaina Girl!

Gabe with his second gift (oh yeah, the kiddos had TWO rounds of gifts) and his Uncle Andy usuing the Fisher-Price Story Reader. Great toy!

Coloring and playing like angels. Oh, do you think the kids like Alaina? :)

Andy and Sarah

Alicia holding the gift that never was stolen. Automatic Soap Dispenser :)
Oh, and the ADULTS had gifts T-O-O!

Alicia and Karen (seriously, one of 7 drinks that night!) Wowza!

JP enjoying the part-tay!

Another Group shot!

The CRAZY Watkins Gang!

The next morning ~ EVERYONE ~ was feeling great. We had breakfast, swam, used the hot tub and visited! Prefect ending to the perfect party.

Alaina and the boys in the GREAT room.

Andy and Sarah chilling before we check out!

Morning coffee with Debbie and Randy!
Thank you Dale and Deb Watkins for an amazing Christmas Party. It was so fun and I couldn't imagine a better time. Nothing. You thought of EVERYTHING and then more. Much love ~ The Cowart Family

Gavin meeting Santa for the first time EVER!

Grant's first Santa experience!

Gabe's Santa Experience

Gingerbread House ~ Tradition with Daddy-O

So, last year I was informed that the Gingerbread House building and decorating WAS A DADDY thing (since he bought the gingerbread house from Costco) and that me doing it when Corey wasn't here, didn't make Papa Bear happy. This year I was "in sync" with Corey, and he REALLY does LOVE making this with the munchkins. I happily took pictures and did other kitchen chores without little ones underfoot.
Here they go. The house is together and the kids sorted the candies into little bowls.
Corey quickly piped on the icing and the boys anxiously began decorating.
Putting on the candy was thrilling for them.
Grant did a great job.
Gavin kept sneaking candy. Hmm... Go figure...
It's going good!
And DONE!!! "YEAH!"
Up close with the mound of sugary goodness!
My 3 little proud chefs!
What a work of art!
Oh and don't forget the TREE. Too bad we did, and didn't save him any candy! Oh well, there's always next year!

Enjoy Corey and the 3 lil' boyz working on a masterpiece, a tasty one!