Monday, October 17, 2011

Sweetness in Stripes

Mr. Sweetie Pie
Mr. Sassy Pants
These boys are so fun. Such personalities!!!
Mr. Big Shot
Mr. Hot Shot
Mr. Hot Sauce
Yes, Those boys are SWEETNESS IN STRIPES.

Letter B - as in BATS , BEARS , and Bees

Here are our art projects that reinforced our work with the letter B.
1. We started with some books on BEARs
We read Alphabears, some Berenstain Bears, Snow Bears, Polar Opposites.
2. Then we made some chocolate pudding because it is B-B-BROWN.
3. Next all 3 boys fingerpainted with brown pudding their B-B-Bears. (yes, they ate the rest after they cleaned up.)
**Fantastic Fine Motor and Sensory Skills**
4. We let it dry and I cut them out (during naps) and then we glued on B-B-Buttons for Eyes and Nose.
We also did a B-B-Bat painting project that was 3 D as we attached it accordian style to create a bouncy, boingy bat. We tried to use colors that started with the B sound.
We read 5 Little Bats... , and did a B handwriting sheet from
**I used these for the bat Handwriting sheet and the bee sheet**
Our Last project was the B Bee.
I cut out a "bubble" B. They practiced writing it with yellow and orange. Then they painted the Bee yellow. We let it dry, and I cut it out while they cut strips from black construction paper. They counted their strips and glued them on. We added wings, attennas and a face after we glued it on a piece of construction paper.
Here was our busy week.
**Our favorite book of the week was :
seriously funny book!!!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Letter A - A is for ANTS , Alligator & ACORN

So, I am doing for it. God willing- I will stick with it. I am doing Pre-School with my 2 youngest. I sat down, picked a letter of the week ( a matching theme or 2) and have begun.
This week we began with A is for Alligator and for 3 days did that theme with books and crafts, letter writing and science. This project was fun! We made A's , resembling Alligators.
1. We painted the sticks, let dry (while they cleaned up), had them cut some TRIANGLE teeth, and then hot glue-gunned our Alligator together. 2 tongue depressors down, 1 popsicle stick across HOT GLUE Then HOT GLUE the eye and teeth. EASY PEASY NICE AND EASY!!
These were quick, easy, effective and CUTE. ***The hand eye cordination is EXCELLENT through the painting and holding, cutting of the teeth and laying out the pieces to be glued by the MOMMA (me.)
Here were our main crafts : Alligator A's, Finger painted ANTS carrying A's (such a fun way to sneak in practice writingthe letter "A"!!!) and Acorns (for fall and the LONG A).
Our Acorns were so fun as we tore up old paper bags and worked on glueing. They were fun, but almost too tedious for our little guys.
They were "pooped" after all the tearing. Oh well, we survived!!
Watch for our Letter of the Week projects as I need some serious accountability.