Friday, July 24, 2009

Pictures at Sears

Hi Everyone!
The kiddos and myself are having a great summer!

The boys just started swim lessons-- so we deemed this picture appropriate!
(Grant, Gabe, Gavin)

Oh boy! There were so many good pictures that I spent way too much.

But I know that good pics don't happen every time, so I told Corey and I just HAD to buy them!

They look too sweet.

This is the collage that I bought! I HAD to!
Come over and then tell Corey how much you LOVE the picture, Please... :)

They are getting so big. Not babies any more.

Gavin would not sit down. It was like a friendly game of whac-a-mole! :)

My big boy is THREE! and as sweet as can be.

You can guess on these two. Can you tell them apart? They are identical twins....

Here is Gabe. He is a big boy.

Here is naughty britches Gavin. Don't turn your back on him. He is full of sillies and shennigans.

Here is my lover Grant.

Gavin again, cracking up and NOT laying down, influencing Gabe to be WILD too!!
These 3 are a HOOT!
They seriously had a blast doing these pictures.

Gabe is the perfect big brother. He keeps the little two under his wing, and they love Gabe back like crazy. They miss him whenever he goes anywhere without them.

And here is my brag time-- my favorite picture of the 3 most beautiful boys in the WHOLE, WIDE WORLD. (spoken like a mom.)
Those are the little loves of my life- they are what my time, love and energy goes into. Raising and training 3 boys to be godly men.
God has blessed me richly.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our Garden 2009

Corey, my dad, and I began our massive undertaking of tilling, sorting, ordering and buying of the seeds to begin our 2009 garden. Corey and I co-gardened with my parents last year and it was great, so we naturally decided to do that again.
Here is our garden in May!!
Here is the garden around the first of July. Corn is getting tall!

Here is a picture of our 3 little sprouts... they are also growing like crazy.

Here is Gabe. Our big 3 year old!

Here is Grant. He is 18 months.

Oh boy!! Grant loves the camera! Cheese!

This is a famous pose of his too!

Gavin has really grown into his personality. He is so fun!

We thought sitting them down might be easier for a photo opp. They sure are BUSY boys, and usually full of all types of shenanigans!

All 3 boys adore being outside. They love the garden and love that their beloved Grandpa B. comes down every other day to work in the garden. (Grandpa is Gabe's best friend.)

Ahh.... here is where it all started. Now we are getting/or have gotten tons of:
  • lettuce, spinach, swiss chard
  • peas (sugar and snow)
  • kolhrabi
  • carrots
  • beans (bush/pole)
  • broccoli, cauliflower
  • cabbage
  • dill, basil, cilantro
  • corn
  • tomatoes (cherry/ regular)
  • zuchini, cucumbers
  • SOON to come: watermelon, cantalope, butternut squash

We love having the fresh, organic crop. Therefore the time, money, effort and energy are all worth it. There is just something nice about working in the garden and raising your own vegetables!

Sternwheeler Days!!

Sternwheeler Days!

We headed out to Sternwheeler Days in Cascade Locks, OR for a day of family fun with the Dryden Family.

Grant loved the Sternwheeler Play windows!

Ellie was brave and enjoyed a pony ride. Grant was right behind her on Buddy. Gabe and Gav were too scared! Surprised?? :)

The Bounce House was the FAVORITE!!!!!!

A friendly dog we "met."

All 3 boys playing and doing what they do best-- having WILD fun!

Ellie Dryden

Jack Dryden

Gavin didn't really want to get down, until his other half was down too. Good thing they like being together. Now when Grant got down, Gavin decided it was time then too.

We had a picnic lunch, walked around the exhibits, and then PLAYED. It was such a fun day!
Beautiful... stunning.... another lovely day in the Columbia River Gorge.

Baby Lance!

Our newest nephew and cousin is here!!
Welcome Lance!

His name is Lance Connor Basham.

He was 8 lbs. 4oz.

He is beautiful!

I was in the delivery room as her coach. It was such an honor to witness this miracle.

My brother Andy and Sarah had their first child on July 1, 2009.

Sarah was a trooper.

They are both totally smitten over this new bundle of joy. Love at first sight is so true of newborns. They steal your heart instantly.

Praise God for this little bundle of joy!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Whale of Tale

Last Saturday the Cowart Clan headed down to Cannon Beach, Oregon (our favorite beach) for a day of family, fun, and time with Erika.
For starters we headed down early and arrived just in time for a delicious seafood lunch. Then, straight to the beach for sand castles, kite flying, and burying the boys in the sand.
Erika and I had a great time visiting, snacking, and catching up while the boys played wildly. All three boys loved the 'huge sandbox.'

Hi, handsome husband.

Gabe took a turn flying the kite. Needless to say, things did not go well. He still might need some supervision.

After chasing them around for 3 hours, we decided to bury them in the sand. Just kidding, they loved it! Corey's back is sore from so much digging. Although, it was nice to see them holding still for one minute.

Never underestimate the day trip!!