Friday, July 27, 2012

Seattle Getaway!

The last of my besties is getting married!
 So Maren and I (the former roomies) knew we needed to plan a HECK of a bachelorette party.  OH YES!!  We had little pre- party in our hotel room with champagne and cupcakes.  And then out to dinner and dancing.  Those pics didn't make it in-- G RATED family fun here folks!
 Then us 3 ladies spent the night in our hotel.  So special... just like good ole times at UW!  Go Huskies!
 We got E some lingerie, sex necessary (funny and helpful!) and passed on some loving advice!
 So while the bach. party was FRIDAY -- Saturday was spent with M and E shopping downtown Seattle.  That evening E and I prepped pasta salad and watermelon for 100 people.  YIKES!  But the happy couple was thrilled with the great engagement party on Sunday.
I adored time with these sweet girls.
 Plus I was able to visit with old UW friends and their spouses.  Great fun.
Maren and Karen :) pulled off a successful party.  Alright E- onward to the wedding.  Hawaii here they come!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Desires of the Heart- Is there a reason for them?

Family-  What is family?  Is it only biological?  Is it deeper?
So this is a picture of my "sister" Rachel in the middle.  Mercy I love that girl.  She lived with our family from my freshman year on through, and then still came "HOME" on summers.

She is as sister as they come.  Full of love for me and my family, a loving and caring girl to talk with, cracks me up and gets ME - the real me, has all the "remember when..." stories, I can vent about my family- but she knows that I love them (of course I do!), and I shared a room with her.
 My 3 munchkins and mom went to visit and see Rach's new home, followed up by a trek to a park.
 My heart loves KIDS- (ummm... I chose to be a public school teacher, I live in a smaller home and drive a purple mini van so that I can stay home and be with my babes) and I know that I desire lots of kids.  3 kids is great- truthfully I thought we would have had 1 more- but Corey and I just seemed to MISS each other's windows of wanting more, and now it seems so long that we have been out of the baby stage- like we would need to have TWO more so that they would have some company.  Right? 

OK, so why if Corey and I love kids so much, have a happy/secure family; aren't sharing it with others?  I guess I feel that we are being STINGY with our happiness and love.  I mean, we have it GOOD.  Plus Corey is a phenomenal dad, and being mom doesn't stress me out most days-  I LOVE being mom.  I have wanted to be a mom since... forever.  My mom said by 18 months I was obsessed with babies and being MOMMY.

Is God saying to have more?  Corey and I have considered foster care- but we aren't sure that we could love them LIKE they WERE ours, knowing that they weren't.  Knowing that we were sending "our" little loves back somewhere unsafe would KILL us.

So, then WHAT?  Should we continue until God literally throws something in our path?  Or do we wait knowing that sometimes the friends of our boys might need a place later on- like in high school, like my sister Rach?  I wish I knew WHY God gave me these desires.  (Random Desire #2- I desire to live and do some short term mission work in a Latin America Country.)  I desire to work and be around kids.  I love raising kids with Corey to go out and shine God's love as godly, Christian men.

 I may not have all my little ducklings in a perfect row.  But they are close, learning, gleaning all the time under Corey's and my watchful eye.  We are training them to be alert, show love, and be generous.
 So, what do you do with your inner desires?
 Me- For now I am cherishing every minute of these little men as they are growing at an alarming rate!  I am waiting on the Lord.
What does God have in store for our family?  I don't quite know. 
Which kills me, cause I am a PLANNER.  I like to know, then make lists. 

What is in store for your family-- long term?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Can you guess what we are up too?
 We have been outside non-stop.  It is a boys' paradise.  We have a slip N slide, treehouse, trampoline, swimming pool, and jeep all set up in the back yard.
 But this slip in slide with some soap is insane fun.
 Gabe loves it!
 Gavin loves it!
Grant loves it.

And I love it!  It's warm, safe, no drowning, and can be played with without me RIGHT next to them.  Oh and they play in it for HOURS!

Get one.  $7 at Target- some dishsoap and your child is in 7th Heaven.  Enjoy a small break ladies!!

4th of July! 2012

YIKES!!!  I am behind!  Life is crazy which is funny because I was SOOOOOO swamped before summer.  I was teaching 2 sessions of Spanish for homeschool groups.  It was fun, great and combined two of my favorite things kids and teaching & Spanish.

I loved it but planning, copying and creating curriculum was very time consuming.

Then I was also taking a 123 Spanish class for my last 5 credits I needed to renew my teaching license as I will be subbing this upcoming school year and then applying the following year.  WOW!  The class was great and I aced it.  Corey was hoping that I would take YOGA or Body Blast (easy- no homework) but my inner NERD took over and I LOVE SPANISH!!!  But then I can't do anything NOT to the best of my ability, so I busted my tail on that class ACING IT, but it took time.

Any who.... so now it is summer and July is half way through, but I love our country and wanted to share and update this silly little family blog.

So here is the gang.  They look pathetic as I just woke them up from naps and it was HOT out.
 We went up to my parents.  Hannah was there with her new hubby and step daughter.
 Here I am with my sister in law and favorite niece-  I can't belive my sassy little niece is finally TALLER than me.  Gosh I love the little lady.
 Corey and my bro.
 Corey and the kids after a talk about WHY we have the 4th of July.
 Typical cousin play.  Gavin- Toby-Grant with Dart guns.
 My parents loving every minute with the grandkiddos.
 More babies!  YEAH!
 Me and my man hauling out the fireworks.
 Gabe doing sparklers while waiting for it to get dark.
 Gavin enjoying a sparkler.
 Grant is nervous, but being brave!
 It's finally dark, and the moon was a eerie RED.  Maybe the smoke?
 And then we did our best to put on a SHOW!!!  It was awesome!!!!!!
What more do you want:  Family, Food and Entertainment!!!!  We had it  all!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Frogs - Released!

 We caught the tadpoles and they grew and grew!
 They were a fun science project for my kids.
We released them.  Gabe cried!  :)  The boys will miss their pets.  I am just glad to be done boiling/freezing lettuce!  HA!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Walla Walla WA - ROCKS!!! Who knew?

Walla Walla, Washington

Whew... that's a tongue twister.

So, Corey's brother Casey (and his family) just moved up here from New Mexico to Walla Walla.  And although we have SEEN them, we hadn't seen their place yet, so we made a trek up there, only my Mother-In-Law told me it was too small.  So we would need a motel--  Well... I didn't want to pay for one, so I asked my Aunt Cheryl if you could stay with her.  She said sure and here we are.

My Aunt Cheryl is full of life and LOVES kids.  I would shower and she would take the boys on adventure walks.  A highlight for my monkeys for SURE!!!
 Oh, and they had animals.  The cat was sweet- Muffin.  Nicest cat I have ever met!
 We brought my mom, as Cheryl was my mom's college roommate; and my dad's cousin; and set up my parent's on a blind date---  finally resulting in ME!  Fun times!
 Their dog was a love- my boys want a dog SO INCREDIBLY BAD- did I tell you yet we are getting one?  Soon, like in a few weeks????  Am I crazy????
 This was the view out the window I saw.  3 boys (backsides) and a sweet pup!
 What are they looking at do you ask?  Well tadpoles.... which we brought 9 home.  How Cheryl and the boys talked/conned me into that I don't know!  :)
 They would catch and release all day.
 OH YEAH---  Our cousins... well Cheryl told us to suggest a parade to the cousins since it was in the local town of Dayton.  So fun, quaint, and perfect size and length.  It was Small Town America at it's best!
 The littlest boys and then we headed to this AMAZING park in Dayton, WA.  It has water features, playground, trails and nature with tons of grass and river flowing through it.
 Sarah Cowart with her 3 youngest and my 3 loves.
 Here is Corey (the hubby) and Sandy (MIL) and Casey (BIL)    Ahhhh...  It is so great to have family close.  I don't know if you do, but I always enjoy time spent with family.  Nieces, nephews, hubbub and always lots of food and laughter!
 Now, I also like animals.  Dogs and cats are fine--- but HORSES, OH BABY!    I was thrilled at a chance to ride.  My boys have NEVER, EVER been around horses and Cheryl and I got to take the boys riding.  It was amazing.  The monkeys were in AWE of how big the horses were when you are up close.
 I might have gone for a ride by myself too without the loves.
 All in all the boys were happy to stay at Cheryl and Mike.  Jay-Jay the dog, Muffin the cat, the tadpoles, and horses.  REALLY- fun!!!!!!
After all that fun though, Walla Walla wasn't to be outshone by Dayton.  The shops, the coffee, the wine tasting rooms, feel of the town, beauty of the area, the restuarants, and farmer's market make it perfect.  Making you feel ready to return to Walla Walla as soon as you leave.

I hope you can get over there!  Amazing places those Eastern Washington Towns.  Happy Travels!
Any other cute, fun, little great towns that you and your family love?