Friday, October 29, 2010

Muddy Buddy

My boys are DRAWN to dirt. Now add some water and well, that makes for a good day. These boys came and showed me their hands and said, "Dirty. Not mad Mama, FUN!" Alright, at last they warned me about the dirt/mud so I could undress them and start a bath. Sure, why NOT! What's the fun of being a kid in the summer, if you can't get dirty, maybe even filthy! Here they go!
Into their undies!
I loved Gabe in underwear and his camo CABELA'S hat.
My 3 dirty little monkeys with dainty pink spoons from their kitchen!
And yes, they definitely NEEDED a bath __ then a shower __ and then the bathtub needed cleaned. Oh for the love of my boys! :)

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