Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cowart - Johnson Annual Beach Trip May 2010

This was on Mother's Day Weekend, May 2010
Thursday - Sunday

Here is the whole gang, Jack, Jack-Jack, Jakoby, Jeanna, Gavin, Grant, Gabe, Karen, Corey

Our family in front of Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, OR

Grant in Gray, Gavin in Black Sweatpants

The "J" Team: Jack, Jack-Jack, Jakoby, and Jeanna

The trucks that were played with for HOURS. Good call Jeanna!

Gavin in the hole that Daddy made!

Grant and Gavin's turn with the trucks.

Jack and Jakoby

Best friends

All 5 of the boys "helping" Corey dig down to water! ;)

A slightly sandy Gabriel



The beginning of a stellar weekend: Thursday afternoon right down from nuestra casa- Tolovana #6 in Cannon Beach

The gang was a little sandy. Daily plan after the beach is: First adult unlocks door and starts the tub, other 2 adults undress kiddos and deposit directly in the tub, and the last adult begins shaking out the clothes and starts the load of laundry immediately!

Getting clean, then into PJ's. We had an amazing chicken dinner and then Jeanna brought UNO Moo and Twister for the munchkins to play until bedtime!

Twister anyone?

UNO Moo, a brilliant, super fun game for little ones!

All 5 monkeys posed in the chair about ready to munch some popcorn!

Here's Jack, the winner of UNO Moo!

Jakoby getting a bedtime snack!

Here I am trying to get ready to head into town with 5 happy helpers. They all wanted make-up and their hair DONE! Of course I obliged, I really need a girl!!!!

Gavin and Grant working on their make-up, since their hair is DONE!

OK, lip gloss on! We are ready for the arcade in Seaside!!!!!!

Our 3 BIG boys: Jack being goofy, my Gabe, and Jakoby who is wearing Grant's shirt, because every morning he wanted me to dress him in our clothes. That boy CRACKS me up!!!

Best Buddies Gabe and Jack racing!

Karen and Gabe playing "Deal or No Deal" Seriously fun! As fun as gambling, almost!

Our boys: Gabe, Grant, Joby, Jack, Gav

After lunch and naps, Corey and I suggested Hug Point. It is beautiful and has caves! The Johnsons were game and off we went 3 miles down 101.

Our family! Wow, the boys do not look LITTLE anymore. Kinda sad, Kinda EXCITING!

The Johnsons

At low tide, you sneak around the rocks and get a private beach!

Tide is coming back in!

Here, I lost my flip flop in the water and it is about 4 ft. deep around the rock. Jeanna rescued it for me. Gabe, my safety guru, gave me a lecture on being safe and wee-sponsible. :)

My 2nd grade teacher comes about around oceans. I loved the ocean unit I did. Kids are naturally drawn to nature and the ocean, they are sponges ready to learn all about it!

We dammed up the little creek so the boys could actually PLAY in the water!

Group Shot in Action!

This is HUG POINT. Corey and I are drawn here. We took a day trip here after I returned from living in Guatemala, and that was the day we both knew. That was it!!! We want to be together, and be together FOREVER! So back together we were, dating as boyfriend/girlfriend, madly in love, soon engaged and finally married. Then our amazing adventure began... More love, laughs, tears and joy than I knew was possible. I married THEE most amazing man (sorry all you other ladies out there!) and I am still over the moon for him.

Our boys LOVED it here, because there is NO WIND. You are sheltered back by the rock, where we set up camp! Ahh.... it was truly heavenly!

So here are the boys after 2 days at the beach. Asleep in minutes- PAST OUT!!!
No- this isn't a giant bed. It is 2 queens, pushed together. HUGE for 3 tiny boys!

This is Saturday, our last day at the Coast. We decided to head to Hug Point again. NO WIND- and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! Sunny and HOT!!!! Oregon Coast- really???? Heck ya!!!!!! :)
Gabe jumping the waves- nice hops boy!!!

Gabe running the truck out of the waves.

Me having a BLAST playing with the boys! They are all such great kids!

Jack and Gabe- not quite beating this wave!

Jeanna building a dam with Gavin and Grant!

The boys all quickly were soaked and the sweats were too heavy, into their skivvys!

Johnson boys were pantless too!
* This was the next cove over, since it was low tide!*

Jeanna and Jack, in love

Gavin and Grant, HUGS!

In one of the caves! SWEET!!!!!

4 of the 5 boys

My family

Seriously, the weather was a blessing sent to us straight from heaven.
Happy Mother's Day from God to Karen and Jeanna!

Grant (Goofy blue underoos!) catching some rays!

2 Buddies planning a sand masterpiece

Gabe felt that he was the Foreman

Jakoby and I playing some soccer! Gavin posing in the background!

Corey and Jack throwing the football!

Grant showing Jeanna his best tricks. Nice, headstand in the sand, kinda....

Gavin showing Jeanna his sit on a bucket without tipping over trick. Nice work Gav!

Building a sand castle.

Joby and Jack posing

Corey and Grant playing soccer.

Grant's kick! Seriously, that kiddo is coordinated and naturally athletic!! Wowza~

Grant and Gavin deciding to play catch.

That got a little bit wild, so they are rolling it to each other! Gavin is in the red underoos!

Corey monitoring and keeping the ball out of the ocean.



Gaving and Grant are tuckered out and are sun bathing with Aunt Jeanna!

Corey and Gabe building quickly since there aren't little ones around!

Gavin smashing a sand castle and looking guilty. TIME-OUT!

3 monkeys

My little Gavin

Corey and his little apprentices.

Jeanna~ just chillin'

This is Gabe. I don't think that he wanted to leave! :)

Jeanna and Joby, after a LONG night. YUP- time to go home!

Best beach trip yet! Can't wait for next year!