Friday, July 16, 2010

Boys will be BOYS!

We have the coolest JEEP HURRICANE in the world. We love it. It carries around 3 kids effortlessly, has seatbelts, has a radio, the charge lasts forever, and can 4X4 also.

Skip ahead to present, our Jeep is stored in our garage. The boys this morning dragged out all of their play tools and are working on the JEEP.
Funny thing is, the music is on Hard Rock! It sounded like a real garage!

Quick pose as I am curious what they are up to. Always good to check....

The funniest thing was that they worked UNDER the Jeep. How would they know to do that?

Is it innate behavior in men to know that they need to climb UNDER cars to work on them?
Anyways, the boys have been busy working away!
** My video won't work again, so you can't view them in action. Argh! It was the cutest!**

Silly Gavin

Everything that Gavin does is so dramatic. He is a crack-up. He used to be such a Naughty Britches, now he has trained his heart to be obedient, but there is still ALWAYS something with Gavin.
He even sleeps with FLAIR!
Gavin is terrified when we drain the water. He fears that the toys will go down the drain. The others pics aren't as "appropriate" but USUALLY while wildly crying he throws himself on all the toys, grabbing them and tries saving them from going down the drain.
Here Gavin is trying to pull himself together, while holding all of the toys he "saved". Corey and I laugh because we all know where he gets his dramatic tendencies ~ and it isn't from COREY!

An Arsenal of FIREWORKS

When Corey does something, he does it wholeheartedly; the right way. So when Corey goes and buys fireworks, he ends up going all out! We do have 3 boys and Corey KNEW that they would love fireworks so thus began the arsenal on our mantle.

Starting July 1st thru the 4th, we spent $50-60/per day. We rode (Gabe on his bike, Corey on the bike pulling the twinnies) and I ran to ALL of the firework stands in our area.

Every night we also did our own small nieghborhood show, just because WE CAN!
By the 4th, we had a full TOTE of fireworks!

Gabriel could hardly stand the wait.
OH, and glow bracelets and necklaces from the Dollar Tree.

We spent the 4th at my parents', with the family. Here are all the cousins. Yes, half are mine!

After dinner, we went to the duck pond right up the road! It is fun EVERY time!

My Uncle Brad is up from Florida and is almost ready to move into the house across the street. Corey and I bought him a scooter to help him get around. All of the kiddos wanted one too, or at least a ride.
Uncle Brad and Lance

Uncle Brad and Gavin

It's not dark yet, but we were beginning some fireworks.
sparklers, snakes, pop-its, smoke bombs, etc
Gavin looking a little sleepy already!

My sister and Mom with Grant!

Corey looking for more small fountains, etc.

It is FINALLY dark enough!
Cleaning up before the BIG show!
Alaina and Gavin snuggled up enjoying the show!

Andy, Corey and my Dad were all lighting off fireworks 3 at a time due to the SHEER volume of fireworks!
Well done Corey!


On July 1st, Gavin and Grant were 2 and a 1/2!
They are loads of fun. Both are talking well, love playing Legos, adore animals especially dogs, counting to twelve, know their shapes and BOTH still struggle with knowing their colors.

They love being together.

And Corey and I find them HILARIOUS!!!!!

Here is Handsome Mr. Grant

My Precious Mr. Gabriel
(World's Best Older Brother)

And Sunshine Boy Mr. Gavin!

They are both 29 pounds, with BLONDE hair and blueberry blue eyes. Grant is 1/2 an inch taller and 1/2 a pound heavier. (They have never been more than 12 oz. apart in wieght!)
My babies aren't babies any more. They are hardly even toddlers ~ They are little boys!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our favorite snack!

I am a believer in letting children help. The mess is unbelievable, the extra time ridiculous, the stress high, the memories -- PRICELESS! So thus begins our smoothie ritual with more help than I can almost handle, more laughs than imaginable!
I lay out our 5 ingredients: bananas (3) , PB, chocolate syrup, organic milk, 1/2 a blender of crushed ice!
Munchkins wash their hands

Gabe peels and puts in one banana!
broken-up into pieces

Gavin works on his banana

I snap a picture while they are occupied on banana duty! LOVE THEM!

Gabe was chosen to be the milk pourer. (he always is, go figure! :) )
Grant is on chocolate duty.

Gavin works on getting the peanut butter in!




I love making freezer jam. It's easy and I feel so domestic!! And, I know what is in the food that I am serving to my family. Through Corey's Crohn's Disease, I have become very picky about what I feed my family.
So I start with a gazillion berries, and wash them thorough. Eat PLENTY!
Drain and begin to mash.
I make some according to the directions for jam, and then add lemon, apple juice and honey to the rest for a DELISH syrup that is amazing on ice cream, brownies, pancakes, with a spoon, etc.

and VOILA! Done! Easy-peasy, quick and easy!

Another Project Done!!

Corey wanted sidewalks that went around the house. Reasons included looks, mud issues, and my Uncle Brad was moving next door and it would be easier for him to get around then.
**(Look at the lovely garden in the background!!!) :) **
Here is the cement truck. Gabriel was MESMORIZED!!
The men were very talented. The final project was amazing. It looks so finished and professional. Corey is so good at invisioning things.
Gabe loved seeing the process from start to finish! Corey and I both like crossing items off of our at home TO-DO list! CHECK!!!!!!!

Hammer to the Head, anyone? Gavin??

Please notice the construction stuff outside on the patio - thus continues the story.
It is June 2010, and yes I need to work in the garden. Yes, it is COLD out so, we are all in sweats and long sleeves. Out the 4 of us go.
Well, while I am picking peas I hear a scream. The kind that stops your heart because it is real.
Gavin is holding a hammer. I am sprinting to him and swoop him up. Looking at him fingers, maybe he smashed them. Hmm... YIKES. Blood on the top of his head. I semi-freak, yelling something to Grant and Gabe along the lines, "Go to your room now. Gavin is hurt, bad. You had better NOT test me!! Go, NOW!"

Of course, they tell me to clean it and well, it is the EXACT imprint of the hammer tine in his head. He swung it back so far that it STABBED him in the head. I choose to NOT take him in as I felt that it wasn't too deep and it stopped bleeding pretty quickly.

I call out my other two kiddos and they help me doctor up Gavin. Hydrogen Peroxide, Neosporin and Gauze. Grant and Gabriel liked helping me "play" doctor.

Well, you just know it was a rough day when you have the First-Aid kit out!

The next day we continue our cleaning regimen and my boys' favorite new game is now playing doctor.

All of the animals seemed to be VERY hurt the next day!

Gavin preparing the shot, Grant with the stethascope on!

Checking out BRUCE, the shark!

Gavin adminastering a shot!
Checking Leopi's Temperature!

It must be serious. The pet crate is open behind him.
Gabriel giving the dog a shot in the HINY! It was a fun day!