Friday, March 30, 2012

Just another day in PARADISE folks!

 This is Grant and Gavin on a typical day! 
Eat your hearts out ladies! 
They are one of a kind!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Where has the time gone?  Six years ago out "popped" THIS!!!
Ya know- with no drugs, no epideral, the crazy way.

He was perfect, healthy and began a fast paced parent training bootcamp.  WHEW!  That was a fast and furious learning curve. 
 This precious little one made me a mommy and he had my heart wrapped around his tiny finger by the time he was 1 minute old.  My precious Gabriel...  I love you so much,  always have, always will.
 Here you are at your 1st birthday!  That was fast, and so fun.  My little man....
 Then I blink, have 2 more sweet babes and you TURNED TWO!!!  That was quite a year.  You are so smart, were potty-trained and the kindest, sweet boy and brother anyone could ever want.  We can't help but to BURST with pride over you!
 You are THREE???  What the_____________????  No way, when did my baby grow up. 
 My Gabriel is 4 now, and began preschool.  It was a big year for him, and our heart swells with more love, more pride, and more enjoyment watching you grow into a healthy little boy.  You are so thougthful and kind.  I know you don't get into trouble little man, you are eager to please and love to BE with people.  I love you Mr. Gabe.
He is growing a mile a minute and time seems to have gotten JAMMED into high speed/fast forward.  You are five here!!  FIVE buddy.  Please stop growing up.  I want to savor every minute of your mommy and daddy being your most precious hero, loving snuggles, cuddles, whispers of I LOVE YOU MOMMY, beggings for ONE MORE HUG/ONE MORE KISS.  I love the slight, flirtatous little waves to mommy through the pre-school window and kisses blown from the bus windows.  Oh how I love you Gabe.
 Look at our 5 year old little pirate.  He is ready to take on the world.
 Our family is complete and BEST when all 5 of us are together.  Yes, that is when we are at our best.  Together, surrounded by all the love and blessings in our lives.  You, my sweet little family are my greatest blessing.
And today you turn SIX.  March 28th... one of the BEST days of my life.  You make my life brighter.  Go after the moon.  Reach for the stars.  They are there for the taking sweet Gabe.  You are my sunshine.  I love you Gabriel Thomas ~ 

Always and forever,
xoxo  ~ Mommy

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

SNOW... and more snow.... and STILL more snow...

Here is our first snow of the year -- February 2012

 We don't always get snow, and I wasn't sure how long it would stick so I woke the boys up and we played outside in the (EARLY) morning.
 It wasn't much snow - but with a 2 hr. late start, AM kindergarten was cancelled and so we played, built snowman and drank cocoa with WHIP!

I was content with 1 snow fall.  It was fun and beautiful.

Skip ahead to March 1st.  Hmmm...  SNOW!!  Again.  2 hr. late start -- AM kindy cancelled!!  Woohoo!  Let's play!

We bundle over our fleece jammies.
 We add coats, fleece socks, hats and mittens!  Let's do it!
 We quickly began building snowmen.  I was teaching them how to roll!  The snow was wet, and rolled perfect!
 We played on the snowy equipment.  Kinda fun...
 Made a snow angel!
 And another!

 And another!
 My boys then attempted the DEATH slide.
 YUP- fun, fast, and you land in a crumpled HEAP!  They loved it!
 "Mom, we are getting cold."
 "Mom, my hands are cold.  I want cocoa."
 We checked out my flowers-- ahhh, sad!  We thought spring was coming!
 I went in and made cocoa while Gabe and the boys decided that they would make ONE more snowman for my Uncle (who lives across the street) and a snowdog!  Pretty Cute.  Fun last snow of the year (as I labeled my pictures.)

OH WAIT!!  It just snowed last week.
Here we go again - 2 hours late.  No AM kindy.

So we bundle over PJs,
 Throw some snowballs (until someone cries- then game over)
Smile while having a BLAST!
 Thank God for the gift of snow,
 Taste a little bit,
 and then of course build no less than 4 snowman (2 in our yard- 2 in Uncle Brad's).
Then call it a morning and warm up with cocoa!
Kinda glad to be done with slushy snow, gloves everywhere and heading into warmer weather (PLEASE!)  So while we love our snow, it's time to go.  Spring- BRING IT!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Snow ball or Wiffle Ball?

So what is your guess?
 My oldest, who feels/felt awful by the way, NAILED me in a week where it was Sunny and 60 degrees on a Monday and 30 degrees by Wednesday with snow.

Ahh... life with boys.  This is a first.  Not my first broken nose - just my first big injury from my kids.
I preceded to have a nasty scab, 2 blackish eyes- you can see them starting, and an oddly swollen nose that STILL hurts.

Answer- Wiffle ball, on a sunny Monday I was tossing a felt covered wiffle ball to Gabe and he CRACKED it perfect and it  popped me right in the nose.  Today- it is still sore and has a wierd chip of bone loose or poking up that you can see from one side of my profile. 

Up side- I have some AMAZING baseball athletes in my home!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sun and Water in January = Florida Beaches

This trip was the best trip Corey and I have ever been on, EVER!!  We loved the weather, the fun, activites, the company.  Our kids are great ages - everything was magical, mesmerizing, yet they could walk and didn't need naps.  They are such well behaved little lads, and it make it fun to take them places.  It was so fun and these truly have to be the BEST YEARS OF OUR LITTLE LIVES.
 The beach- Cocoa Beach. 
We adored playing in the sand,
 building in the sand,
 watching and recording new birds (oh wait- just my dad did that!!!)
 boogie boarding,
 being WARM and in the SUN (IN JANUARY!!!!!!!!!!!)
and being in an ocean that doesn't completely FREEZE you out.  Yes, playing in the ocean and even swimming in it is WONDERFUL!

DISNEY : Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom FLORIDA

**Let's Go Kids- It will be fun.  We PROMISE!!!!**
 We were waiting for this day.  A day to try Animal Kingdom, since this was the only Disney Theme Park that we hadn't been to previously, AND OH!!!  It was AWESOME!  Disney is good at what they do.  Animal Kingdom was amazing.
 The kids could barely contained themselves!  Rides and Mickey - OH MY!
 Plus, we were able to see Rolando and Martha, and they hooked us up.  SWEETLY - like with free tickets for all SIX of us, and Martha gave us a walking tour and we visited on the SAFARI ride.  Have you ever met people that you REALLY, REALLY love and wish they were your neighbors.  They are those people.  We love to see them every trip to Florida.  The nicest people ever.  We even conned them into coming to dinner later because we REALLY enjoy them.
 Here is the SAFARI ride.  I HIGHLY recommend it!
 These animals roam around this HUGE Savannah - Giraffes and termite mounds.
 Elephants and the beby Elie.
 The rhino that was charging, then stopped short and began to innocently munch grass.
 The tree of life.  So huge, so cool, impressively gigantic....
 Gabe's first BIG ride - Mt. Kilamanjaro.  Hells Bells - That was a CRAZY, SCREAMING ride.  The 3 of us LOVED it, and my Dad waited with the twinnies.  Bless him!
 Now, our FREE 6 tickets were park hoppers and free parking and free strollers to boot.  Off to the Magic Kingdom- and off to stay until the fireworks.  Kinda worn out, but we are going full steam anyways and the babes were TROOPERS!
 Magic Kingdom here comes the Cowarts - And Larry!
 We adored the plays - Lion King and Nemo were incredible.  But even these are amazing...  Disney I love you.
 Favorite 2 rides at Magic Kingdom - The log ride (SPLASH MT.) which we did 3 times back to back, allowing all 3 munchkins a turn in the front.
 And the Buzz Lightyear shooting ride.  So fun- so freaking fun!
 Now it was dark, the castle glowing.  Fireworks stunning us with their glorious lightshow, but we continued on the rides to the last second.
 Here are Grant and Grandpa.  My dad is so great!  I was and am blessed!
Here we are, happy-tired and closing down the place.  What about you?  Anyone else enamored with Disney like us.  GOLLY we had the best day...  I am dreaming of going to Florida again.  The boys want to return everyday (still) and Corey just said, "I wish we could go next year."  I guess I need to get serious about my Florida savings jar again.