Wednesday, November 2, 2011

All in a Day at the Crazy Cowarts

1. Shennanigans - This Day Happened to be a Toilet Issue... A stick huh??
OH... see now, it's a bouncy ball in the toilet. The fish net is too wide and so I thought maybe a stick could push it up and then we could grab it with a net. YES - not too shocking to me any more.
SUCCESS!!! This mama is a genius at solving toilet issues - as in I have solved a LOT!
2. Daddy's Home- The boys (all FOUR) like to wrestle and be wild. Corey seeing if he can carry too on his shoulders. And then of course they need me to document. They are so silly and THE BEST!!
3. MOM FREAK-OUT!!! - Mom needs them to chill out, it is TOO WILD so Daddy-O reads them a story. Ahh... precious huh??? My nephew is the 4 th child on the couch.
4. CREATIVE TIME- "I have a great idea mom... Stick my sticky hand on the roof and it will hang my microphone to sing in."
SEE the SYSTEM. Sticky hand on the roof.
5. OUTSIDE guys- I HAVE to finish dinner. OUT!!!! So they head outside to their beloved treehouse dressed in an INDIAN/Native American costume, pirate bandana on, rainbow sunglasses, and his MICROPHONE singing at the top of his lungs. Then there is the yoga doing BUZZ LIGHTYEAR next to him. Our neighbors must think..... Oh well... they are safe having fun and OUTSIDE so that we can all eat tonight!!!
6. Excerise- It is good for all of us. Off we head to the waterfall trail. The 4 boys loving God's creation. I am blessed, even in all the crazy!!!!
7. ALMOST THERE- The day is almost done. PJ's on, teeth brushed, story read, and I am going to do my excerise video since I didn't run. OH WAIT. They all want to do it too. Sure what the heck. The harder they player, the harder they sleep. Right?? Right!!
Gabe and I working out. The twins just being WILD, as in tired but determined to stay up.
Ahhh.... the joys that other people shudder at brings me giggles, smiles, gray hair, and bear hugs and sloppy kisses.

Half Marathon - Checked off the Bucket List!

My best friend Erika inspired me to run. We decided we would pick: a distance - a race - train separately and then come together for a weekend and RUN!!! We chose the Girlfriends' Half Marathon here in Vancouver, WA. So 13.1 miles YIKES, but Erika got me a training schedule and I started in full force. I realized this was the THING I had done JUST FOR ME alone since I have had Gabriel (ummm... like 5 years ago.) It felt GOOD. I like running, and I got quicker/stronger and LOVED the pounding of the pavement. I had time to think, be quiet, relax, talk to God, and on the longer runs run with my friend Angie. Oh how I loved chatting on our weekend runs as they grew from 6 miles to 7, 8, 9, and 10. Wow!! I really liked running and felt great!
So here Erika, Me and Angie are ready to leave. Gavin and Gabe are excited that it is Mommy's Big Race Day. Corey brought them to the finish line!!
Here I am crazy excited and ready to RUN!!! I trained so HARD!!!
That is me in the pink finishing the last stretch!!!
Heck YES!!! I made it and was greeted by my 4 favorite guys!!!
Me and my Bestie - Finished/Inspired and Tired!
OK, I might still be on CLOUD NINE! I ran 13.1 miles in 2 Hours - 17 minutes. I broke my goal of 2 Hr. 30 minutes!! Not too shabby for a 32 year old mama of 3!