Thursday, April 25, 2013

My GABE is 7!!

Now folks, this is my BIG little guy.  The one who made me a MOMMY!  He is a precious treasure that transformed the LOVE capacity in my heart.  Now I had been wanting to be a MOM from the time I was two.  I love kids, babies and this Gabriel was my first slice of Mom.
 Here I was pregnant.  30 weeks
 Here I was 39 weeks and feeling HUGE- but well, I birthed twins so we all know that I wasn't anywhere NEAR how large one gets with twins.  Just normal, healthy big...  :)
 Then he came, finally after 24 hours of trying to birth him- yikes NO DRUGS on that "little" 8lb , 4 oz. angel baby.  Whew- that hurt so much more than I dreamed was possible... but he is worth it, again and again!!!!!
 Here he is 11 hours old and has had only 1 2 hour nap.  The child NEVER slept.  He almost killed us.  He was so noisy... and so curious...  still is!!
 At 2 weeks, life was still hard- nursing, not sleeping EVER, emotional, but I was IN LOVE.
 Infatuated with desparate love for our new little man!
 By 6 weeks, he kinda slept in his carseat.  Maybe - on a good day.  Well and then we discovered the egg allergy.
 By 3 months he plumped up, slept and became HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY.
 He was so stinking cute.
 By 6 months he was already an animal lover- wow, he hasn't changed much in personality!
 By 9 months he was his parents LIFE!!!  We couldn't imagine our life with out the little man.
 He made holidays so fun and meaningful!
 His first birthday was here before we could believe it.
 And he grew.... cuter, smarter, funnier.
 He loved animals, being in the MIDDLE of the hubbub, and outdoors.
 But by Christmas big changes were obviously on their way.
 Gabriel became a big brother at 21 months!!  Wow- that blew his mine.
But he loved it, and was the MOST gentle brother I think IN THE WORLD.  He is such a softie and LOVEbug and adored those babies.  They were his babies!!  He still tries to shelter and protect them.
 He would lay with them, could make them laugh hysterically like no one else, and would join them when possible.  Those babies adored Gabe.
 But we all do...
 Who can resist that SWEET face and LOVING personality?
 Corey and I can't...
So here he is... in the park... one of our favorite places!!!
And now the big brother GABE is TWO!!
 Two - I thought that day truly might never come; the days were long but the years so short!
 Corey and I gather you boys up though and drowned you in LOVE and family.
 We tried to build a bond that would never break.  A rope of 3 strand isn't easily broken.
 And that's what you are- born with best friends who adore you- Gabe. Cherish them and strive to be that BIG brother they need.
 And then trips to Florida, the coast and daily life continued swirling on,
And you turned 3!
 It blew our minds but Corey and I continued dedicate ourselves to God and family.
 Oh, my sweet angel GABRIEL you turned four,and you are ready for the world.
 Your 4th birthday was a puppy dog party- different than your 3rd (washing machine party) and your 2nd (little Einsteins - Rocket!)  It was animals - and your dream pet - puppies!
 He started preschool, and kept growing, learning, and dizzying us with facts about what you were interested in because you BUDDY, do everything BIG. If you are into- then you are CRAZY obsessed with it!  You have pushed me to learn so much science it is UNBELIEVEABLE!
 Your brothers still adore you and you started KINDERGARTEN,
 TURN 5 and love pirates!
 So we celebrate you - BIG TIME.  I might go over the top, but Corey adn I just feel that it is one more way to show you how special you are to THIS FAMILY!  You are precious to us all!
 He graduated kindergarten.
 Dresses himself, loves math, and reads well.
 Then he turns six and life speeds us again.
 He turns SIX and is into magic, science and potions!
 He is so creative and imaginative,
 Smart and learns and retains everything and still teaches, shares and helps those 2 little rascals!
 They are so perfect together.  We are at our best when we are all together.
 He is an AMAZING swimmer!  ;0)
And a gentle, kind boy.
 He is loved by all!
 And is our eldest son.
 He is the apple of his Daddy's eye,
 One of the greatest loves of my life,
 And won't quit growing.
 He is a first grader,
 Goofy and quirky,
 But growing, growing, growing.
 I cannot wrap my head around the fact that he is SEVEN.
 BUt his 7th birthday party proves it - Wild Kratts! Still an animal lover.
 On March 28, 2013 this cutie turned 7!
 He is smart, loving and ours.  We treasure him!
 But Gabe I can't help but get teary when I see you at performances, witness your successes, guide you through challenges, think about the future because this seems like yesterday.
You and me snuggled, giggling,
Wandering through pumpkin patches,
spending sunny days where I am your whole world, because some day all too soon you will grow up angel, and some other lady will steal your heart, and you will leave and start your own family.  You will be smart, strong, godly, wise, and kind (like your Daddy) and your Dad will always be your hero.  But know- I will always be your SOFT LANDING, a listening ear, a hug, and your MOM!  I love you to the moon my angel Gabriel.
You are one of a kind.  I wouldn't change a thing.  I love you up to the MOON, ALL THE WAY AROUND THE STARS, PAST ALLTHE PLANETS, UP TO HEAVEN, AND ALL THE WAYS BACK TO YOUR HEART.
You will always be my little man, my first born son.  The little love of my life.
X0X0 ~ Your sappy mom


Chris and Sarah said...

Ok...tearing up a little here! Time goes by so quickly! Thanks for paving the parenting road for me a little bit, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Gabe!

Anonymous said...
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The Luna's said...

Ok, I cried a little! These boys grow up too fast! I loved the walk down memory lane and seeing all the pics! I remember when Tony and I first got married and bought our house, you drove up and met EJS halfway and had dinner with us with that little baby! Time flies!

cowartclan said...

Oh, boys and their Mamas.... I love my boys... and little boys L*O*V*E their mamas. What a bond. It is so fun and thanks for wandering down memory lane with me. I am living the dream though - staying home and fully investing in my little angels. HOW TIME FLIES!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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