Thursday, February 16, 2012


 Oh My Gosh!!  We LOVE SeaWorld.  It is so great.  The shows are AMAZING, the experience incredible, kids WOWed, place immaculate, gift shops super reasonable, and well the animals interact with you.
 For $7/per person you get a tray of fish to feed/pet the dolphins.  It is fantastic!
 We eat snacks and/or lunch during the shows.
and afterwards are recharged from the rest and food to GO-GO-GO some more!!

Plus after the show you can "interact" with the whales while they are still swimming around.  As in, go and wave good-bye at them.  Can you guess what happens?
Should I send these 3 videos to America's Funniest Videos?

Poor Gavin is crying.  It was UN*BELIEVABLE!!!  They all were bought new Shamu shirts after that!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Lincoln City, OREGON Beach with Family!

 So, freebies don't come my way very often, but my sweet in-laws treated the family (their kids) to a long weekend at the beach.  And OH MY GOSH, was it a treat.  We were right on the beach and the views were stunning!
 Here is the sunset from the upstairs room!
 Yeah, I know AWESOME!!!
 We all sat and enjoyed those sunsets, here is Gavin (with a bear, and leapster, and headphones!)
 Yup, every night!
 We also did some puzzles (some easier than others!)
 Had some stories read from the I-PAD,
 We did a RIDICULIUSLY hard puzzle (that we left to torture some other unsuspecting family),
 Played some Hide-And-Seek,
 Waited our turn to hold sweet, little, baby Leo,
Played on the beach in the sand and weird sea foam,
 Made the stairs into a crazy game,
Sat in boxes to just be weird,
 Were weirded out by the fact that it SNOWED at the beach!!!  What the Heck!!!
See our pretty beach house!!!
 Then took some hot baths to warm up,
 and thoroughly enjoyed the company of family!  Ahhh... it was so fun!
 We also had a little fun with mustaches, why- because my mother in law is a HOOT!
 Look at those funny little boys!
 Ahhh.... Leo  :)
All in all we had a stellar time.  It couldn't have gone better.  We played, laughed, shopped, and visited.  Thank you so much John and Sandy.  Family is so important and you two are the best!  I am so glad that we can all be together, and ENJOY the precious memories made!