Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Swimming Pool Fun!

Sometimes it is hard to let it go...

It shouldn't be.
Other people will always judge and have opinions.

My backyard this summer looks well, kinda like I run an in-home daycare (or ghetto or trashy!)
But this summer I don't  (won't ) care.

My sweet babes are home with me all summer and to them
It's all perspective...
 We have a big gigantic trampoline that is fun, safe and athletic.  My boys have jumped endless hours burning calories, spending energy, making up creative games and being out in the fresh air.  It also makes a great edge to jump off of.  ;)
 Then we have the eyesore of a cheap pool.  But, it has luckily been the NICEST summer in years.  Tons of days over 80 and 90 degrees.  It is safe and small, cool and refreshing, $60 with a cover, filter and pump system.  We have had so much fun and with it being only 30 inches-- they can swim but it is very safe as they all only are waist high in it.
 So, I will just turn off my brain from the eyesore to the giggles of my sweet angels, playing and playing and laughing (never asking about video games or cartoons.)
 Everything is a give and take-- give a season to "ugly backyard" for the happiest, busiest little boys on the block.
 I do know that my boys are loving having the "best backyard in Camas" as quoted from Gabe
and I KNOW it is true, especially as I see all the park kids gazing wistfully at our busy backyard full of meat on the BBQ, treehouse with a HUGE pirate flag blowing, kids sunning on the trampoline, and "crazies" jumping into the pool.

Enjoy it out there all you mamas!  They grow up so fast!
What do you struggle  with as to  "Letting it go...." ?

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