Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dad and I take the kids to the Zoo on a whim, Nov.2

At 7:30 in the morning on a beautiful Nov. day I decide we should head to the Zoo. I call my dad and he agrees to go. We are in the van by 8:45 and to the Zoo by 9:20 a.m.

We wondered the NW Loop and the boys loved the Eagles and the River area. Fish are Gabe's favorite. Eagles and Bears were Gavin's. Monkeys and Lions Grant's.

Here we are for a quick pic on the tractor equipment!

Here is Gabriel in the Eagle's nest.

Grandpa B. jumped in the nest too with the boys. It is gigantic and impressive!

Here is Grant at the new Lion Exhibit!

Gabe is riding a lioness.

Gavin is riding on the KING of the jungle.

My picture was taken from the back of the lion that Gabe was on!

So was Grandpa's, Gabriel is quite the photographer.
My boys just love their Grandpa. He is the best Grandpa ever and we love every minute we spend with him. Thank you Dad for all of the love you pour into my kids. You are Gabe's best friend and we love you so much. You are so awesome. Thank you for all you do!!!

My boys are getting so big!!!

My little babies are growing up. Gavin and Grant are getting close to TWO and I just can't believe it. They are precious and have been a JOY to mine and Corey's lives. Children make you better people- less selfish, more patient, more caring, more loving, less know-it-all, and less judgemental, more hopeful and full of JOY that is unlike any other. I thank God for my 3 precious children. I love them so much that my heart could BURST just dwelling on it too much. God has entrusted us with 3 little gems and we are working hard to train them into 3 young, God fearing men- no easy task.
Anyways, the twins are almost 2 yrs. old *Dec. 31st. They are into Elmo, Thomas the Train, Mickey Mouse and Little Einsteins. They love dancing and music. While they look the same, their actions and personalities are different, Very Different. Grant is much more the Talker, than Gavin. He is doing great learning and mimicing words everyday. They both are finishing up getting in all their teeth before the 2 yr. molars hit-- UGH! They are both CLIMBERS, but Gavin is fearless to boot! Grant has had 2 surgeries already. They are both doing great potty-training. I am still on track for potty-trained by 2!!! So NO ONESIES- Pants and T-shirts for us now!!! We are in the bathroom a lot, A LOT, A LOT!!! They both have been in big boy beds for a while and LOVE them. God has given both of them good health. I have been pulling out all of the 2T tops. They fit PERFECT!!!! I can't believe how BIG they are!!!! In shoes they are moving into a Size 7, big feet!!! They are sweet boys who love to play with toys for LONG chunks of time. They are independent and love cool toys. They are such boys.
Here is Gabe coaching the boys on the tricks of using the potty!

They are very successful and love wearing BIG BOY underwear!

I really can't believe how big and grown-up my Gabriel is. He is such a sweet, kind and thoughtful boy. I am so proud of him. He is well spoken, smart and growing like crazy. He loves talking on the phone and going places with friends and family. Spending the night is a favorite thing for Gabriel. Gabriel is the boy all the kids like and want to play with. He is fun and gentle, kind and silly. He is also a pet lover and I am constantly feeling guilty for not getting one for him, since he loves them so much. But really, I am NOT up for the committment!
I am starting to switch out his 3T clothes for some size 4. His feet just grew as well and he is wearing a size 9, almost 10. He is totally into the movie CARS and loves Lightning McQueen. He wants everything he owns to be from the movie CARS- Ka---Chow!!!! :) I am also sooooo proud of him too, because he is a gamer. He loves playing board games: The Picnic Game, The Ladybug Game, Candyland and Chutes and Ladders. He is learning is letters and does great at shapes, colors, counting, size comparisons, and days of the week. He adores doing pre-school in the evenings with Mommy when the twinnies are in my bed--- a late date with Mom. I love them too. I really can't believe how fast the time went, and how my heart is madly in love with my 3 yr. old named Gabriel Thomas, but he is my sweet BIG BOY.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Carving Pumpkins with Erika!

It's that time of year!!! Fall, Pumpkins, Leaves, Wind, Costumes and Halloween - I love it!!!
This was Gavin and Grant's first year getting to HELP get the seeds out and carve the pumpkins. All 3 boys loved the orange slime, seeds and knives for cutting. They are SUCH boys!
Gavin is asking (pointing) to make sure he can really touch the seeds.

Yummy, we loved the pumpkin seeds. We did a plain with salt, a savory chili/garlic seed, and a sweet honey cinnamon. They were delicious.

Gabe was so bummed that his GREEN pumpkin turned orange. RATS!!!

Gavin is helping me carve my TALL pumpkin. It is my favorite pumpkin EVER!!!

Family photos are ridiculously hard to get. So, whatever... Gavin looks like he swallowed a lemon, Grant and I are saying cheese and Corey and Gabe have on pumpkin hats. Go figure!!!!

GRANT with all of the pumpkins. Grant's is the littlest one!

GAVIN's turn to pose. Gavin's is the 1st pumpkin with the wide grin.

GABRIEL's turn to pose with the pumpkins. Gabriel's is the last pumpkin with the big "O" mouth (screaming). His pumpkin had a rotton spot and so the bottom area got cut out. Still super cute with a touch of green!!! Happy Fall everyone!!!!