Monday, March 29, 2010

Venting about "Well, if I had twins, I would... "

Having twins has been quite the experience, to say the least.
  • *I started with this foreboding feeling of "I think that I might be having twins" - telling that to varies people (my nail lady, a few close friends, etc. )
  • To crying when the ultrasound tech confirmed it was twins.
  • *To praying constantly that they would be safe and healthy in utero and delivery.
  • To being anxious to meet my little identical boys.
  • To being in LOVE at first sight with my two little puffs.

All my boys are THE BEST, please hear that I am not saying PERFECT, but the best- most amazing boys in the world. They are blessings entrusted by God to Corey and I and we take that responsibility very seriously. Raising 3 young boys up to be Godly Men is no small feat (and any prayers are appreciated!) I work very hard each day to raise, train, guide, encourage, teach, hold, laugh with and love (or smother with hugs and smoochies) daily.
So naturally when people are critical of how I raise my boys I get my feathers ruffled a bit * because I work SO HARD on raising them right. Honestly- I am doing my very best!*, and it always seems to be about my children's clothes. CONFESSION UP FRONT: I love to buy clothes for my monkeys. I love Gymboree clothes. I love to match my twins and coordinate my oldest, Gabriel. There, you have it.
OK, so here is Grant! Cute as can be in his Gymboree polo. Harmless right!?
Here is typically how I dress my tribe in when we go out in public.
Actually, I am giving everyone a clue so that they don't have to stop us and ask," Are they twins? Triplets?"
Now I do know that Corey was hoping that at 2 I would stop dressing them matching because they were so identical and he doesn't want them to get a complex over being called the wrong name. But, they are so CUTE ***double cute, triple cute*** all dressed up.

Anyways, I don't think Gavin and Grant look identical that much any more and their personalities are so different. They both can tell you their name and who is who. *So no future scarring.* Plus- I am there and can tell them apart by their: cries- voice- run- back of the head- and face. Now, IF I am NOT going to be there, I do dress them coordinating because NO- I don't want them called by the wrong name either.

That being said, I do have coordinating outfits for my boys - plenty, but guess what!!! When one shirt is blue and one is green THEY WILL ALWAYS PICK THE SAME SHIRT. Both want the green one. I might as well have gotten 2 greens in the first place.

* Here are my 2 chefs planning dinner at their kitchen!*

Here is the OWNER of the joint - Mr. Gabe - who will actually order the 2 little chefs around the kitchen. Helping them, laughing with them and getting them all of MY kitchen tools he can find!

~~~~ The Cowart Uniform ~~~~

All in all, I have to say that I love dressing my twins matchy. I know my time to dress them is limited and I plan to LIVE IT UP! It is double-y cute, my money, and I get 80 % from my friend Kathy off of craigslist and her best friend who has identical twin boys. (Thank you God for Kathy and Debbie- and their boys' cute clothes). The other 10% is from the Gymboree Outlet, and the final 10% from my mother-in-law Sandy. Plus, I totally feel that is my right as their mom, and because I carried twins!!!! Holy smokes-- anyone remember those WHALE days? I was asked when I was due starting around 5 months. By the end I was SCARY gigantic!!!!!!

So please, all you "concerned" people out there, RELAX. It is just clothes. I will not be dressing them matchy forever. I will let them pick out their own clothes too. For now, I just love dressing up my handsome boys and showing them off. I am a PROUD parent who loves her boys and am so proud of them. They are the delight of my heart. Gabriel, Gavin and Grant I love you- always have, always will.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

They have learned to Jump!!!! And jump they do!!!!

Gavin and Grant can both jump off the ground with two feet, and land on their feet. They also like to jump off things, anything - steps, sidewalks, out of the car, you name it- they ask to jump off of it. So their new thing is to pull out the boxes under their bed -- Blast a Praise and Worship Veggie Tales and JUMP!! I wish you could see it in ACTION! It is a sight to behold!
There goes Grant! Gavin is in the READY position!
The 2 monkeys posing!

Gavin jumping off - yes with eyes closed! But guess what - they might be cats and not monkeys, because, they always land on their feet!

Auntie Ashley is here!

All of our boys love Auntie Ashley!
Gabe was so excited to play Candy Land with her, until.... two more munchkins wanted to play too!!!! Poor Gabe.
Ashley has come over 2 Friday evenings and Corey and I have done out to dinner BOTH times. Thanks Ashley for the little break and the little boys LOVE you!

At the airport, and off to Florida!

All of the boys were in their matching "uniforms". In case one gets lost, we know what to look for!
Here Grant is in the front and Gavin behind on the boat.
Here is Capt. Gabriel

And the commanding officer of the Cowart Family, Srgt. Corey!

And the busybody/ cheerleader of the troop-- Karen!

Oh boy and did we ever love the kid center right next to the SW gates! YIPPEE for LEGOS!

It was a perfect flight. The boys always do amazing. I am so proud of our boys!

Gatorland with the Family!

Welcome to Gatorland!! This was our first BIG activity that we did with our family in Florida. It says that it is Florida's Best Half-Day park and we had to agree, since our kids can only go so long without naps. So here we arrive at the entrance....

The boys have NO FEAR, just excitement for seeing gators.

Here the monkeys are safely posed with an alligator!

C'mon guys. Hurry up!!! :)

Here are some of the holding tanks. They start with the babies on up to adults. Each age group is separated for their own safety!

Grant with Uncle Brad. He is catching a ride!

Gavin volunteered to hold the cane! Beware!

The boys in front of the creepy white (blue eyed) alligator. Agghh... heepy jeepies!
Daddy and our animal lover Gabriel.

Grandpa B. and Mr. Gavin in the lorikeet cage. $1 peanut butter sticks were easy!
Grandpa is showing our timid Grant the bird!


The alligator Jumparoo show.

Crazy stuff!

There were a gazillion birds and they were stunning!
Gabe and Mommy on the Gator.

Grant suddenly surprised us all and wanted to go out on the gator too!
He was trying SO hard not to cry!

Wrapping up the day... alligators, train ride, walks, shows, and snacks galore!

One seriously BIG alligator. We were feeding him hotdogs! ;) I think that he liked us, or wanted to eat our children!

The birds were not fearful of the alligators, I WAS!

Gabe started crying when we made him lay in the alligators mouth.... Nap time! Bye Gatorland!