Thursday, June 30, 2011

I walk in and see...

TWO little monkeys sitting up on TOP of their treasure boxes, up on TOP of their toy organizer.

Why? I don't know. Doing what you ask? Chatting, sitting in the sun.
I might have said, "Don't move and DON'T fall while I get a camera." Gabe quickly joined them on the boxes, on the organizer.

**Crazy little monkeys**

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Lovin'

Ahhh.... we love summer here in the Pacific NW, when and if it ever comes. I THINK it is FINALLY here! We had some beautiful days lately and took advantage of the day to get some great pics of our handsome little men.

All 3 of my little lovies!

Gabe temporarily FORGOT how to smile!

Little Gavin

Mr. Grant

Gabriel found his lost smile!

Sweet Pea Gavin

Love Bug Grant

My Twinnies: Grant up, Gav sitting

Gabe working his newly discovered SMILE!

Looking very NON-mischiveous at this moment!

My mellow one - Grant

Here, they are done and asking to go. Sure ~ as Gabe is SNEEZING and Eyes red and watering from blasted allergies. Eesh... poor kid. But we can't keep him in, summer is so short. So, Hello Zrytec, meet my son Gabriel.

**And there are my recent photos of my twins ~ 3 and a half, and Gabe 5 yrs.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A RANT~ Is it a race thing?

I get lots of comments when we go places. Twins draw that, especially identicals ~ especially the possiblilty of triplets when I dress all 3 identical, GOT IT! Lots of love and comments. Here is my issue.

99% of comments from WHITE people are: (with lots of head shaking)

  • There's trouble.

  • That's Double Trouble.

  • That looks like a LOT of work.

  • Glad it's you and not me.

  • Holy *%@# !!!! That's a lot of kids.

  • You poor thing.

  • How do you survive?

  • All boys...., you must be a saint.

  • Oh Dear God/Lord, Who did you offend up there?

Now people from other nationalities have very different comments:

  • Twins? What a blessing.

  • You are so lucky.

  • You are so blessed.

  • Look at them. Great job.

  • They are beautiful.

  • God must be pleased with you.

  • What a gift.

  • Treasure on Earth.

  • You and husband must be so happy, yes???

  • Oh wow. (Smiling, pat and/or kiss all 3 boys.)

Do you see the difference? I see it. Glaringly, and I sadly think that our WHITE, AMERICAN culture has led us to this "normal" thinking. Thinking that views children as a "bother", or an awful chore. I feel that American culture is SOOOOO selfish, that having to be unselfish to care properly for children is a huge BOTHER, INCONVENIENCE and a PAIN IN THE NECK. That is why they use the words work and trouble in all comments of my children. Now kids are work (they are helpless and need guidance) but YOU chose to have them, and they are a gift from the Heaven. Kids get into trouble ~ but you can raise your children in a way that they aren't TROUBLE. I do believe that what you put into parenting, you get paid richly for and you see the fruits of your effort right away.

I am so shocked and horrified at this attitude towards children.

Do any of you see this? I am so curious. Maybe Camas/Vancouver has a very different outlook on children. I know that MOST woman around here do work, and that children really do require a lot of work and attention, but not so much that all you see and focus on, is the negative. What about the hugs, giggles, cuddles, kisses, unconditional love, romping around, playing, imaginations activated. Isn't that the stuff you think about when you think about kids?

Please respond with what you have noticed in regards to "White / American" cultural view of children vs. a different ethnic view of children. Or really anything you want to say is fine....

They've LANDED!

We had the nicest arrival of Corey's Brother Casey and his family.

Here are the 3 pirates. Grant, Ruby and Gabe - I love that my boys are ROCKING the double eye patch. Hmmm.... I really think that the girls loved all the "boy" toys that we own.

Ruby, Claire and Haley loved actually using an umbrella. We were able to show them rain in JUNE ~ Go figure! :)

Now 7 munchkins, 6 years and under can be a lot, so I created some challenges (I know, I can't help myself.)

They were challenged to create a building/tower in 15 minutes and then I would take their pictures with their towers. Gabe thought I needed a pic too! Umm.. sorry, no make-up yet.

Haley was 1 of the 3 3year olds at the house. 3 is a great age!

The jeep- oh the girls loved the BOY jeep! Ruby was a pretty darn good driver.

Then in typical, Washington June fashion, we spiked to 90 degrees. We turned on the sprinkler and had a fabulous time. The umbrellas were a hit again!

Sandy/Mom/Lita/Mazy with all 7 of her grandbabies!

The brothers. Corey and Casey~

Here are 3 generations of Cowarts. Amazing.... Praise God for a heritage of God, Love and Family!

Haley was stuck with a trike, but she loved it I think! *She was my lil' buddy!

Lita with Claire, Ian, and Haley.

Hitting up the park because it is practically in our backyard. 4 on the slide. The cousins have such a happy time together. Loved it!

We are starting to get tuckered out! Here is Uncle Casey and Baby Ian.

Watching a movie that last night... Look at all those cute Cowart kiddos.

Come back soon!

Monday, June 13, 2011


I completed a FUN pre-school unit with my boys. Dinosaur Discovery was fun, awe-inspiring, and imagination overload.

1. I started out my unit by laying out big footprints around the house. I told the boys, "Something BIG is coming." From that moment on ~ imaginations went into OVER DRIVE!
2. I introduced the unit with a book on the different type of dinosaurs. (World of Dinosaurs-non fiction)
3. I shared how we knew about dinosaurs and that we learned their size and shapes from their fossils, and guessed at how they behaved, BUT no one knew the colors of skin. Hence....

3. We were going to paint some dinosaurs, any color we pleased and hang them in the playroom/school room!

4. I had them drawn/sketched and vaguely cut-out. *PREP TIME IS IMPORTANT!

5. Painting Projects are so fun, easy with a few simple techniques. ** Be organized- have EVERYthing laid out - no running off to grab 1 more thing, Be planned- know how many dinosaurs each child gets to paint - who should be by who, where dinosaurs are going to dry, etc., Be ready- to model for them EXACTLY what you expect, have clean-up supplies (wipes) ready because accidents ALWAYS happen, with paint clothes or leave them in jammies and wash as soon done. Prep time pays off in NO STRESS - JUST FUN!

Seriously, don't you want to paint a dino. I did and it was fun to be creative.

6. My boys had a GREAT time. They were happy to work creatively and quietly. Talking about the long neck or sharp teeth or smallness or horns on the giant creatures was intriguing and really registered with them. The dino names STUCK, they knew and still know them after painting.

7. I loved that they had to be creative. There is no "right" way to paint a dinosaur's skin. No one knows, and that was fun.

8. A natural lesson was the discussion of colors, blending and mixing.

9. A little mess truly doesn't bother me. Nothing a wipe or water and soap can't handle.

10. For painting such BIG projects I would recommend sponge brushes for sponges. The paint brush would be tedious and time consuming for a little one. Sponge has great large motor skills, is very tactile for your senses and the results are BIG, QUICK and VIBRANT.

11. Easy as that. Mess- not bad and nothing that my Swiffer Mop didn't grab!

12. Let Dry as the paint makes the paper wet, therefore not as strong and you don't want it to rip. Our masterpieces DRYING.

Grant's brachiosaurus, Gabe's Triceratop. (Aren't they GREAT. Hanging on the walls they are stunning!)

Gavin's pteryldactyl and Grant's Tyrannasaurus Rex.

13. Books - so important. Planning before the unit leads to lessons being fun and educational. I looked through our book shelf and pulled out our dino books. Then I hit the library. I personally prefer the Washougal Library to Camas Library so that is where most of the books are from.

Some faves:

  • Dinosaurs (by Gail Gibbons)

  • Findasaurus

  • Hunting Daddyosaurus

  • Danny's Dinosaur (we got on CD)

  • Magic School Bus - Time of the Dinosaurs

  • Dino Hocky

  • Dino Football

  • Dino Baseball

  • Dino Basketball

There are TONS out there, Fiction and Non-Fiction. These were just some faves.

I always STALK down CDs on tape. They listen to these during the day, but at nap time too.
More dino books. We keep ours in the window, just so I can find them as I use them in lessons.

14. Poems or Songs. My mom, a former Kindergarten teacher of 13 years, gave me these poems (along with LOADS of other teaching TREASURE!)

5 Enormous Dinosaurs (counting down from 5 to 0)

Mean, Old Dinosaur

**They are online if you google them or shoot me an e-mail of interest at: if you want them typed up in cute font, ready to use!

15. Do lots, have fun with your kids ~ remember academic is easy to add in when they are having fun. So be creative, get messy and read lots.


Karen (obviously a mom of BOYS!)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Getting His AWARD - Gabe graduated Pre-School!

OK, disclaimer- I am TOTALLY that mom. Ya know - who thinks her kids really are the best, most athletic, wonderful, sweet, smartest, CLAPS so loud, takes a gazillion pictures, YA KNOW! But I won't apologize, I just blog them, kinda quiet bragging. ** Now my in-laws, dad (broken kneecap), and aunties and cousins couldn't make it to Gabe's Program so I put it up for them. Sorry non-family people.


Here is my Gabe with his graduation medal with the beloved Mrs. Sharp and Mrs. Zehner. Such GREAT, loving teachers.

So beloved by my youngest two too!
Gabe's best friends : Ellie and Sophia

So Little Lamb had a great reception after the program, then off we zipped home.

Gabe and his proud brothers.

The proud parents who are shocked that Gabe is this big, but pleased with his progress. I think we are doing something right. He is so smart, sweet and funny.

We love you Gabe!

Award Time